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150 Cute Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry – Best Relationship Love

How do you text a guy and make him fall madly in love with you? You need to send a guy a fantastic love message if you want to make him fall in love with you. Your message should be filled with a wide range of emotions and sentiments. To make a guy fall passionately in love with you through text, you must express everything that is on your mind.

Cute Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry Best Relationship Love

How do you get your boyfriend to cry? Tell him a sweet, adoring story; he enjoys hearing them the most. In most circumstances, I find it preferable to bring up old memories for him. You can tell him about a lovely thing you two have accomplished together. The optimal time to send him these SMS is at midnight, and you should make sure he checks them soon away.

I appreciate you taking the time to read “Touching Love Messages to Make Him Cry.” If you’re seeking some heartfelt love letters to break your boyfriend’s heart, here is the greatest resource for you. These messages are incredibly original, tender, and adorable. After reading these texts, I’m positive any boyfriend will have strong emotions.

Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry

1. I want you today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and for the rest of my life.

2. I can’t focus today, and I blame it on you. Because I can’t stop thinking about you.

3. I love you with all my heart, sweetheart!

Best Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry and Love images
Best Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry and Love images

4. I will never stop loving you, because you give me courage and strength, peace and harmony, laughter and joy. You give me everything I need to feel a better person, and I’m ready to share it with the whole world. I love you, sweetheart.

5. Every time I think of you, half my worries are gone. You make everything around you so positive and energetic. I love you so much.

6. Hey, I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have the best guy in my life. I am grateful to you for changing my life, I love you so much.

7. Loving you is the only thing that makes my life worth living.

8. I love you more than Alabama loves football.

9. I wish I could shut out the world so I can have you all to myself. Yes I know! Be selfish when it comes to you. I love you, boo.

10. Without your love, I am like a flower that can never blossom. Without your touch, I am like the ocean without water. Without your kindness, I am like a bird without wings… you are my world.

Emotional love messages for your lover to make him cry and love pictures
Emotional love messages for your lover to make him cry and love pictures

11. My life has taken a new turn with your entrance there. I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world because I have the best boyfriend ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

12. I have never believed in love at first sight. Love surely takes time to develop. And I’m glad that I chose to let my love for you grow each day. It’s worth the wait. I love you.

13. I have stopped making wishes about spotting falling stars. Do you know why? Because I have you and that’s all I want in my life.

14. I have loved you more times than I have loved myself. You are the reason why I’m happy and hopeful always. I love you so much!

15. There are lots of things I want to tell you, like how the look on your face when you’re just waking, makes me smile; like how I want to hold you forever in my arms. Let’s just leave it at these few words, I love you baby, with all my heart.

16. I love every part of you. You’re the one I never want to leave.

17. My heart delights in you. You are precious to me and I want to share my world with you. Come into my pavilion of love, feast on my love. I am all for you.

18. I wish I could see every single moment of my life, I am waiting for that special day when you will be the only mine, I love you so much, honey.

Love Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Cry and love img
Love Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Cry and love img

19. Your love is like a blanket that protects me from pain and the misery which engulfs the world. My knight, my guardian, I love you.

20. Carrying thoughts about you gives me unimaginable peace, I am delivered from my continual trouble, you are very special to me.

21. Give me all of your love today, I’m sure, and it will last forever. We will have a future as bright as the sun and as tender as a flower. I love you, my sweetheart.

22. Your voice is like music to my ears, and I want to listen to it forever!

23. My perfect day has nothing to do with the weather or what I’m doing. My perfect day is whenever I’m with you.

24. Love is like the deep blue sky with its shadow embracing the oceans beneath. Our love is just like the horizon that meets each other and remains wrapped day in and out!

25. You’re a celebrity. You stay, even if women glow above. I love you.

26. You have changed the entire meaning of life for me, I am thankful to have such a wonderful man in my life.

27. My gaze is only to you, my observations are reserved for you because in you I find my joy, my strength, and my vigor.

28. I love you, my sweet angel. Whenever I look at your face, my heart is instantly filled with joy. Only God knows how much you mean in my life… you are my day, my night, my world

29. In this life or hereafter, wherever your love goes is where my heart and love will ever be. We are inseparable. I love you.

30. I believe that dreams can come true because mine did when I met you, my love. I will always love you. I swear.

31. Today and always, you are the only one for me.

32. I have my best moments when I’m with you.

33. Your eyes light up my world, your smile melts my heart, and your love fills my soul. Love you forever.

34. Loving you is like breathing. How can I stop?

35. The best medicine for me is hugging you. I feel like I can do everything as long as you are around. Thank you for being my knight in shining armor, baby. I could not ask for more.

36. Love isn’t blind as suggested, because I could not be seeing any more precise than I am now, I know that you love me so much, I see you mean everything you say and do, that’s the reason I wake up with smiles and joy in my heart. From the base of my heart, I love you.

37. Your heart is so full of love, and I’m lucky enough to find a place there. Love you, honey.

38. Being with you is the cutest thing in my life, I think it’s the best decision I have ever made, I love you so much.

39. My gratitude knows no boundaries with the happiness and joy you bring me. I love you beyond the stars.

40. You always give me a million little reasons to smile. I have never had anyone in my life who was so amazing as you. I love you!

41. We are so connected, my love. Even if we are worlds apart, we will always find our way into each other’s arms. Loving you is all I do.

42. I open up for that special person who will change my life forever. I open my heart to you and let you listen to the true heartbeat that tells their story.

43. You are my glue. Without you, I’d be nothing but broken pieces.

44. You have brought huge positivity in my life. I am so blessed and happy about that, honey.

45. When I wake up every morning, I pinch myself remembering that you are in my life.

46. I feel so lucky because I have you in my life as my boyfriend. You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever seen in my life.

47. I miss you a lot, I only remember the memories with you, it was the best feeling ever in my life, I am so blessed that I have been with you, I love you, honey.

48. My love for you will never fade even if we leave this land. I believe it is so strong that it can overcome the limitations of time alone.

49. When I wake up and sleep on your arms, I feel like I am in paradise. It’s the best destination for me, I can’t stop loving you when I look at your eyes, I love you so much, honey.

50. I know I’m in love with you cos no sooner have I slept than I begin to see you in my dreams every time.

51. You are the sweetest man I have ever met in my life. I can’t stop myself from loving you, you are so cute.

52. My heart beats for you; I cannot resist this feeling I have for you. I love you so much.

53. The day heaven opened its door for the first time on me is the day an angel came down on earth. That angel just happens to be you.

54. When I’m with you, nothing else in this world matters. As I am far from you right now, I picture us sitting next to each other, holding hands and exchanging meaningful conversations. Sweetie, you make me feel alive.

55. My love, thanks for always being with me even when we are miles apart. It makes me happy knowing that I will get to meet you very soon.

56. If your heart is a prison, bless me with a life sentence to be there. I swear prison break is not my favorite tv series.

57. I don’t want you to be perfect. I love your imperfections because they make my life perfect as one can imagine.

58. Strong words are not enough to drive home my emotions, all that needs to be said is right in my heart, I confess daily that my love for you is continually immovable, unrelenting, and all-consuming.

59. All my days, I have waited for the one who will help me see what love truly is, but you came through and made me realize all I need to know about love, you demystified it and showed it to me in its true essence.

60. It’s so amazing to be in love, to hold hands, to kiss, to tell each other sweet things. I know that this is only the beginning and everything may drastically change in a heartbeat, but I don’t really want to think about it. I’m full of love and happiness and I’m craving to share this marvelous feeling with you.

61. I can’t stop thinking about you for a single second, you are the best.

62. I wish you can hear my heartbeat, it beats so hard and fast because you are close to me I want the heart to be yours henceforth because only you can shower it with care. So take care of my heart. I love you dearly!

63. I am so blessed and happy to have a boyfriend like you, I love you more than everything.

64. I can’t imagine living a life without you. You are my reason to be.

65. If you ask me how many times you’ve crossed my heart, I’d say. Because you came and never left.

66. I wish I could see you every single minute of my life, I want to keep you sitting in front of me, I love you, honey.

67. 24 hours spent with you is just like a minute. Phew! You are so refreshing. The minutes would run into hours and I won’t even be aware. More than the fact that I’m in love with you, I like you, a lot.

68. I have an unexplainable passion for you, my darling. Every day you remain unique and special to me because you make every one of my dream a reality.

69. God listened to my prayer and sent you into my life when I badly needed a savior. God bless you, my love.

70. You make my heart beat faster.

71. I don’t know what love is, but every time I’m with you I feel butterflies in my stomach. I forget about the world, and everything I can think about is you and me, together. What do you do to me? I think I’m falling in love.

72. You are the best person I have ever seen in my life, I am so happy and grateful to the almighty for sending you in my life, I love you, honey.

73. The beauty of a daily sunrise lingers in my mind, whenever I think of your love for me, it’s as perfect as that sight continually.

74. If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would know how much I love you. You hold a very special place in my heart! I will love you forever!

75. The happiest moment of life is when you are with me. I feel a different type of peace at that time. I can’t explain that but I know you feel the same.

76. Love is the most beautiful feeling and I have realized that when I met you for the first time. You are such a wonderful person who treats me with love and respect at the same time, love you, dear.

77. I know this text could be a reason for disturbance to you, but I want to tell you, I still miss you a lot. I always wanted to be with you, but it’s really tough and almost impossible. I don’t care about all these, I will keep loving you forever.

78. I feel like I am living for you. I feel like I have come to earth for you.

79. My love is so deep for you and I have never felt anything like this for anyone else. I will keep loving you like this till my last breath.

80. After meeting with you, it seems impossible to be without you. You are the cutest person I have ever seen in my life, I am thankful to you for being in my life, I love you so much.

81. Dear, you are the biggest achievement of my life, I am thankful to you for your contribution, I love you so much.

82. Please, allow me to be yours forever. This is the greatest gift of all. This is the gift for all holidays and for every day. This is the best give for me and you, because only together we can make each other happy.

83. It’s so easy to say ‘ I love you’ but every time I say those words to you, I say them with all my heart, I love you, my sweetness.

84. My love for you is too big and deep to describe.

85. You’re the essence of my existence and I will love you from dawn to dusk, and back to dawn.

86. I want to please you in everything and with everything. I want to always be the reason behind your smile. That’s how much I love you, My Heartstring.

87. When you hug and kiss me, I feel the happiest thing ever in the world. You are the most important person in my life. You are playing a significant role for me.

88. If only you can look into my heart and see how much love I have for you; I love you, my sweetness.

89. I am storing all the love for you in my heart.

90. You know what? I am planning for the wedding, I know we will make the best couple in the world, I love you so much, dear.

91. I feel so great when I look at your eyes, you have the most beautiful eyes in the world. I am thankful to you for being that much loyal and caring, you are the best man I have ever seen in my life, I love you so much, dear.

92. There will be two minutes when I will like to be with you and Forever! Love you.

93. Darling, when I say that I love you, I don’t just mean on the good days but every other day.

94. I can’t find the words to express how much you mean to me. You mean everything to me.

95. Life was very beautiful and colorful with you, I never thought that we will have a break. But things changed dramatically, you wanted a break from me, and finally, we were done. After so many years, I still remember those wonderful days that we spent together because these were the best days of my life.

96. I’m not afraid to show my feelings, even though it makes me vulnerable. I’m not afraid to say I love you, even though you can’t say the same to me. I’m not afraid to be yours, even though you will never be mine. True love has no boundaries and no restrictions. True love is what I feel towards you.

97. Love is what you cant think or explain. It can only be felt so feel the spark of love in my eyes for you. Its just for you.

98. I feel lucky to have you. I love you, honey.

99. I have a confession, I like to watch you sleep and often I wish to be in your dreams.

100. I have fallen in love over and again and still with you, my sweetest.

101. Honey, I will keep loving you till the end, I am so blessed and happy for you.

102. You know what, it’s only you in my head, I can’t think anything else. I can’t even focus on my work, I miss you a lot.

103. I have got a dream to travel all across the world with you, I want to explore and enjoy the world only with you, I love you so much, honey.

104. I am grateful to almighty for giving me a boyfriend like you, I am so blessed to have you, honey.

105. I want to be with you in whatever the situation is. I know the situation could be tough, but I don’t care about the situation when you are with me.

106. Love is the air I breathe. Without you, my darling, I wouldn’t be alive, because you have a piece of my heart, and that’s why I need you by my side so much.

107. When I met you I thought that there is no way I’m gonna like you. But look at me now, head over heels in love with someone I used to call weirdo. You are my other half, and I love everything about you, baby.

108. I see myself and feel your existence in my heart. Please stay there because you’re the one who fits there.

109. It’s always a big deal when it comes to doing other things, but when I see you I am strengthened to do all things.

110. My life would not have been this lovely with you. I would not have been fun without your love. I wish you as my lover.

111. Nothing could be complete without your presence in my life. You came and made this complete and possible, I am thankful to you for your contribution, I love you so much, honey.

112. I do not care, whether it’s a belfie or a selfie — any photograph that has you make me go mad. I love you.

113. I have a section of my heart that always smiles whenever you cross my mind.

114. I was asked to spell “love” so I spelled your name.

115. They say you fall in love once, but I fall in love with you again every time I see you!

116. Dear sweetheart, I cannot believe how perfect you are.

117. If I could give you one thing in life, I’d give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me.

118. I will always love you, this much I really know. It is more than a promise – it is what flows through my heart, it is true like life itself and everlasting.

119. Darling, all I need to be happy is your smile. I love you.

120. I love the fact that I sleep and wake up with you on my chest. You give me energy in the morning, and each day, I can’t wait to go back home to you. Little moments with you are will always stay in my mind. I love you.

121. Like a bird free from the fowler’s snare, a fish, delivered from a fisher’s nest, your love has made me free, free from all life troubles. Why would I not pour my love into you?

122. You have to stop being so amazing so I could stop thinking about you so much and be able to concentrate. You are the most beautiful human being in the world, darling. I could not be more blessed. Thank you for everything.

123. The sound of your voice soothes me. My name on your tongue enthrals me. Your love captivates me. I am yours, you are my everything.

124. I still have lots of emotions about you. I wish I could see you for a single moment, I love you so much.

125. You’ve always seen my joy, and I can’t forget you if I’m left with nothing. I will show you what you are to me. I’ll love you so much that you’ll never lack love all through your lifetime.

126. I can’t stop loving you, when I think about you, I become so emotional, you are the one who has shown me the real meaning of my life, I love you, honey.

127. I know I love you. The words: tender, loving, elegant, strong and resilient are now a few words. They are you.

128. And if there’s a life after this, I’ll still love you, my sweetness.

129. With you, there are no anxieties and worries, but amazing and wonderful things each day. You know I love you right? Well, I do.

130. When I first met you, I honestly didn’t know you were going to be this important to me.

131. Thank you so much for bringing a huge change in my life, you are the most wonderful person.

132. Maybe it’s too early to say “I love you”, but my heart is full of this beautiful feeling for you and I can’t remain silent. I love you, baby. I feel like you are the one for me, so don’t you even try to ever leave me.

133. When I get texts from you I stare at the phone and smile stupidly till someone asks If I’m okay. I’m not apparently. Because love for you drives me crazy. I want you to be my love till the end of time, baby.

134. Oh how I love your eyes and their beautiful sparks, my sweetness.

135. Just like a comfort zone; a place where someone finds peace, I found my comfort zone with you, I love you, sweet.

136. I want you in my every prayer.

137. It doesn’t matter whatever happens in my life, you always will be the king of my kingdom, I am the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful man like you, I love you so much.

138. I can’t stop being happy, when I am with you, you are the most handsome man in the world, I love you more than everything.

139. It’s a heartbreaking moment for me because it has been exactly one year after our break. I know you have forgotten me, but it was not easy for me to forget you. It will never be possible to forget you, I still love you more than everything.

140. I have a special chamber inside my heart. Nothing can occupy this but you. Sending you a box full of love, my sweetheart!

141. You are my deepest wave that sinks the ship of heartache I experienced before I met you. You washed away my pain like the tidal waves washes the shore and make it free from debris. You make my life look and smell fresh. I love you forever!

142. I believe. I dream. How you breathe is breathed by me. I love you the way you love me!

143. A feeling of love has been created on my heart and it’s only because of you. When I look at you, I can feel what true love is. Before meeting you, I never thought I was going to fall in love with anyone. But now, I know what true love is, and it’s only because of you. You are the man in my life, I love you so much, honey.

144. I never thought that I will have someone special in my life. I love you so much.

145. Oh! How I wish you are my first but the moments we share assures me that you are my last, Darling.

146. And at the right time, our hearts found each other, and I hope it stays that way forever, my sweetness.

147. You are the best man, I have ever seen in my life.

148. Shut your eyes and ears from the world but never shut your heart. Even if the world is against our love, the heart knows where it belongs. My care and attention are there for you at all times.

149. If there’s one thing in this world I’m afraid to lose, it’s you. I am so in love with you that I can’t afford to lose you!

150. I know we will make the most wonderful couple in the world and will be the happiest ever, I love you so much, honey.

151. Love, emotions, the happiness I get to experience all of it, thanks to you. I am proud to have such a reliable partner. I love you more than anything.

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