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200 Best FUNNY Instagram Captions to Copy – Paste

Looking for some funny Instagram captions to go with that ideal photo of you and your significant other? When you spend time with your other half, it’s always a good time, but there are instances when it’s downright hilarious, as evidenced by our images. Share your amusing love moment with your friends by uploading it to social media. It’s never a bad idea to laugh together!

funny instagram captions

Funny Instagram Captions:

  • “I put the ‘Pro’ in procrastinate”.
  • “Today is one of those days that even my coffee needs a coffee”.
  • “Praying to the algorithm gods”.
  • “Reality called, so I hung up”.
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  • “Being this funny is like a full-time job”.
  • “Hashtags kinda look like waffles”.
  • “Young, dumb, and broke”.
  • “Vodka may not be the answer, but it’s worth a shot”.
  • “Wine + dinner = winner”.
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Funny Instagram Captions

“True love stories never conclude.”

“For what they are, we love the things we love.”

“All we see or perceive is really a dream within a dream.”

“The world became sweeter once love planted a rose.”

“You can get a lady to do anything if you can make her laugh.”

funny instagram captions

“What exactly is love? It’s the morning and evening stars, respectively.”

“It’s preferable to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”

“Love is similar to the wind in that you can’t see it but can feel it.”

“If I had a flower for every time I thought about you, I’d give it to you…”

“I could spend all day in my garden.”

“When you can’t sleep because reality is finally better than your dreams, you know you’re in love.”

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“Love everyone, trust a select few, and do no harm to anyone.”

“There is no such thing as a bad moment or a bad place for true love. It happens by mistake, in a single blazing, throbbing moment, in a heartbeat.”

“I always knew how to go back to you, no matter where I went. My compass star is you.”

funny instagram captions

“Because love sees with the mind rather than sight, the winged Cupid is depicted as blind.”

“We accept the affection we believe we are entitled to.”

“A beautiful lady appeals to the eye; a knowledgeable woman appeals to the intellect, and a pure woman appeals to the spirit.”

“Without you, the morning is a dwindling dawn.”

“Love is the state of mind in which another person’s pleasure is vital to your own.”

“What if I told you that you could eat without having to post it to Instagram?”

“ARREST ME if being hot is a crime!”

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Fun Quote for Instagram

“When I looked in the mirror, I saw the smartest person I’d ever seen.”

“Nothing is impossible, people say, but I do nothing every day.”

“Come to me if you’re going to talk poorly about me behind my back. I’ll tell you more when I have more information.”

funny instagram captions

“The best answer to all questions is silence, and the best reaction to all situations is a smile. Both, unfortunately, are useless in VIVA & INTERVIEW.”

“I’m so proud of my six-pack that I’ve added a layer of fat to protect it.”

“Nothing is illegal until it is discovered.”

“Like the waves of the ocean, friends come and go. The authentic ones, on the other hand, stick about like an octopus on your face.”

“If life throws you lemons, all you have to do is add vodka.”

“I’m not weird; I’m one of a kind.”

“Eat well, remain in shape, and you’ll die anyhow.”

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“I will not pick up your bag again if you continue to ignore my attitude.”

“Girls admire my cheerful demeanor since I brush my teeth three times a day.”

“Dogs and cats are not permitted in my personal photographs.”

funny instagram captions

“Instagram is one of my favorite apps because it helps me to keep track of everything I eat.”

“The number of times someone appears in your selfies can tell you how much they like you.”

“Eat well, remain in shape, and you’ll die anyhow.”

“Repeat the process of eating, sleeping, clicking, and repeating the process of eating, sleeping, clicking, and repeating”

“The acronym ETC stands for “End of Thinking Capacity.”

“Every tall girl requires the company of a short best friend.”

“It’s invaluable to make friends with people who have the same mental illness as you.”

“Math lesson is like viewing a foreign film with no subtitles for me.”

“I’d rather fall in love with chocolate than with love.”

“Lunch is provided by friends. Your lunch is eaten by your best buddies.”

“Friends knock on the door; best friends enter your home and immediately begin eating.”

“No one will be harmed if you give me the chocolate.”

“Just take a look at me to see how creative God is.”

“Who cares, I’m great.”

“Repeat the process of eating, sleeping, clicking, and repeating the process of eating, sleeping, clicking, and”

“Fuck your viewpoint, I’m different.”

“Oh, sweetheart! Purchase a personality.”

“Do you recall when you were better than me?”

“I don’t know either.”

“It looks awesome, sassy, and very lovely.”

“I resent my parents because I will never have a child as cool as theirs.”

“I’m following a seafood-only diet. When I see food, I consume it.”

“Are there any eager faces waiting for your next post if you look behind you? No, I didn’t think so.”

“I despise it when I’m about to hug someone hot and my face is caught in the mirror.”

“I smile because I’m completely oblivious to what’s going on.”

“Because the word “narcissistic” is too difficult to spell, they call it a “selfie.”

“I’m not overweight; I’m simply… more visible.”

“Born Free, but suffocated by taxes.”

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“I’m not being lazy; I’m just conserving energy.”

“My second favorite F word is Friday.”

“I’m a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10.”

“Is it possible for Bob the Builder to change my poor attitude?”

“A combination between a lunge and a crunch is my favorite exercise… Lunch is what I call it.”

“I go about my business as if nothing is wrong, but my sock is slipping off inside my shoe.”

“I am not strange in any way. I’m a limited-edition piece.”

“What about me? Isn’t it insane? I think I’m going to slap you off this unicorn.”

“Life status: one bobby pin is now keeping it all together…”

“Make your men as meticulous as you are with your selfies.”

“Maybe it’s a duck if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. Accept it for what it is or let go of it.”

“My demons are cloaked in my shrillness. So don’t shut me down in a sarcastic tone if you don’t want the evil to come out.”

“You know how you smile, try to be smooth, and take a sip of tea while running the straw up your nose when a really gorgeous girl passes by at the mall and you smile, try to be smooth, and take a sip of tea while running the straw up your nose?”

“In this nice 32-degree weather, who washed and waxed their truck? Yes, you read that correctly. It’s me!”

“You have no control over who your heart loves, but it’s strange since you do have power over who you date.”

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“Do I really appear like a guy who has been attempting to obtain the correct lighting for this selfie for the past hour? Certainly not!”

“I’m annoyed by subtitles that have nothing to do with my selfie.”

“I have a witty reserve caption for every action.”

“Why don’t you take into account my witty demeanor in my serious photographs?”

“You’re a genuine rock star, but you’ll have to put in a lot more work to get my rock started.”

“I live and learn, but I am patiently waiting for my turn. I’m always on the move, and I’m trying to lose weight.”

“I’m still looking for an excuse for being lazy, even if there isn’t one.”

“As a result, we’ve reconnected.”

“I’ll only lower my head to admire my shoes if I ever do.”

“Aye, right now I’m just feeling my vibes, I’m feeling myself.”

“You should be aware that you might fall in love with me.”

“I realize how fortunate I am to be so attractive.”

“Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you aren’t capable. It’s amusing enough. Sufficiently astute.”

“I believe you are deficient in ‘Vitamin Me.’”

“Aim for the stars. You’ll land among the stars even if you miss it.”

“I updated my password to ‘HackItIfYouCan’ the other day. Someone updated it to ‘ChallengeAccepted’ today.”

“There’s a girl with flowers in her hair and love in her eyes out there.”

“Still searching for happiness in the same spot where you previously found it.”

“I try to avoid working on Sundays as much as possible. Not on Sunday nights, at least. Sunday Fundays is what I like to call them.”

“Posting lyrics on your Facebook status in the hopes that at least one person will read them and recognize the message.”

“Whether you’re single, taken, or in a relationship, there’s a match for you. All of these are just terms. Your actions determine your status.”

117 Funny Saturday Memes to Cheer You Up With Pictures

“You are not required to like me. I’m not a status update on Facebook.”

“Like the weather, people’s lives change. I hope you keep in mind that it’s never too late to start over.”

“The most difficult struggle in life is being yourself in a world that tries to mold you into someone else.”

“It’s none of my business what other people think of me!”

“Darling put down your selfie!”

“Your voice is my favorite piece of music. The lines always strike a chord with me.”

“Life is like a balloon. You’ll never know how high you can go if you don’t let go.”

“I don’t go online very often, but when I do, it raises my brows.”

“You stated that everyone would be present.”

“You keep using that word, and I’m not sure what you mean by it.”

“I’m on a seafood diet, and whenever I see food, I devour it.”

“Make your pain into a source of strength.”

“Stay strong, since the weekend is approaching.”

“How a woman declares her single status in society.”

“Work hard until your heroes become your adversaries.”

“How can you tell if your partner is gaining weight? She wears your wife’s clothes.”

“I was under the impression that this was the United States of America.”

“Because Instagram is down, simply tell me about your lunch.”

“I’m not going to try to fit in. I was born to be noticed.”

“I don’t always make sense, but when I do, it’s because I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Are you going to eat that?”

“There is only one nightstand, but there are far too many books to put on it.”

“Good morning, lovely! I hope I didn’t wake you up, and if I did, I apologize, but I just wanted to tell you that you’re an incredible and lovely person, and I wish you a wonderful day!”

“Hello there, lady. Return to your work.”

“You should take a whiff of my breath.”

“When Instagram was down, I raced around town shrieking at flowers, dogs, and expensive brunches.”

“So, you’ve joined Instagram, right? You have to be a fantastic photographer.”

“No one will be harmed if you give me the chocolate.”

“I used to have superpowers, but they were taken away by the psychiatrist.”

“When she tells you that you’re cute.”

“Like the weather, people’s lives change. I hope you keep in mind that it’s never too late to start over.”

“I don’t always study, but when I do, I don’t put in the effort.”

“With a British accent, say Beer Can. I just showed you how to pronounce Bacon with a Jamaican accent.”

“Girls are like that, taken aback but yet cute.”

“Hot dogs and chili are always free, but you must pay for them later.”

“In the meantime, in Russia.”

“The majority of attorneys give the rest of the profession a bad name.”

“I despise onions. Many individuals are unaware of this.”

“She just left, and I’m already missing her.”

“A lovely young lady walks in front of you. Slow down till you’re walking in front of you.”

“50 Shades of Grey is the epitome of a rainy day!”

“Never cry for someone who doesn’t appreciate your tears.”

“I didn’t realize how much I needed a smile until I saw this.”

“How do I feel when I don’t have any coffee? Despair.”

“This is Monday all.”

“Deja poo: the sensation of having heard this nonsense before.”

“Wine and dinner equal success.”

“I really don’t want to look back and regret not eating it.”

“When I claim I’ll be ready in 5 minutes, I don’t believe it.”

“Wifi, food, and my bed are all available. It’s perfect.”

“It’s in my blood to shop. Worked forcibly.”

“First, I take a sip of coffee. Then I go about my business.”

“Slay me every day in December: sleigh”

“I may appear to be doing nothing, but I’m actually extremely busy in my brain.”

“Feelings not found, Error 404”

“I spend a lot of time hunting for solutions while holding the refrigerator door open.”

“Everything I want is either too expensive, too illegal, or won’t respond to my texts.”

“Just go with the flow. Everything, including life and eyeliner.”

“Starbucks has a long wait, which is a first-world problem.”

“Start your day off on a positive note.”

“I’m alright; thank you for not inquiring.”

“Sarcasm is one of my favorite things.”

“It’s like punching them in the face with words instead of punches.”

“Autocorrect has the potential to go to hell in a handbasket.”

“Appreciate the excellent people in your life. They’re difficult to come by.”

“I wish there was more common sense in the world.”

“We were created to be imperfect, not perfect.”

“Spend time with people who bring out the best in you, not those who stress you out.”

“It’s all about how you think. A new day, a fresh strength, and a fresh set of thoughts.”

“My brain will fall out sometimes because I am so open-minded.”

“I don’t usually go online, but when I do, my eyebrows are up!”

“With a British accent, say “beer can.” I just taught you how to pronounce bacon in a Jamaican accent.”

“Are you in a relationship? No way! I’m in a relationship where I’m flirting with someone.”

“Come sit next to me if you don’t have anything great to say, and we can make fun of people together.”

“If I’m tickled, I’ll go into survival mode.”

“Mermaids aren’t known for doing their homework.”

“The world’s best meat-eater, perhaps.”

“All I need is some vitamin sea. * insert wave emoji *”

“What are you doing right now with your water?”

“Keep your palms up and keep going * insert palm tree emoji *.”

“On a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are chirping, and the lawnmower is broken.-Dent, James”

“Summer brings lighter hair. The skin darkens. The water warms up. The temperature of the drinks drops. The volume of the music increases. The nights are getting longer. Life improves throughout time.”

“August is like a summer Sunday.”

“In the summer, a man says a lot of things that he doesn’t mean in the winter.”

“Why didn’t anyone warn me that [eating ice cream, walking the dog, or snapping a picture with a baby] was so risky?”

“At the time, it seemed like a decent idea. My judgment is awful.”

“Use the secret weapon of cuteness—kids!”

“I had a feeling that a strange guy was following me. Yes, I did.”

“He claimed to be Lady Gaga.”

“I’d hate to think I could have eaten that at the end of my life! # ThereAreNoRegrets”

“What’s my favorite way to eat eggs? In the form of a cake”

“I’m having trouble controlling my hunger.”

“I handed the menu back to the waiter and responded, “Yes, please!” when he asked what I wanted.”

“I’m simply a girl standing in front of a salad, requesting that it be transformed into a cupcake.”

“What the hell happened to the food?”

“What’s the point of cake? Someone’s birthday is approaching!”

“Jet lag is only for the inexperienced.”

“This is how I’m getting back on my feet.”

“The only trip you’ll regret not taking is the one you don’t. (Alright, and that trip to Morocco where you ate shady seafood and couldn’t figure out how to clean the bathrooms.)”

“If you think adventure is scary, wait till you try the routine. —Coelho, Paulo”

“Have you taken a selfie with a naked statue today? Your garden gnome isn’t included (he has a hat).”

“We ended our relationship because he believed he was god and I didn’t.”

“Our drink order is a tad convoluted. The connection is fantastic!”

“Is this ring making me appear engaged?”

“Another one has succumbed to the ravages of time.”

“Three of us: him, me, and the baby!”

“I got a new hairstyle! It went so nicely that I decided to have all of my hair chopped!”

“This is what I refer to as the ‘well, at least I tried.’”

“It’s not a clip-on man bun, at least.”

“Pinterest compelled me to do it.”

“Life’s greatest pleasures either make you fat, intoxicated, or pregnant. I’m pretty sure I did all three.”

“Everyone agrees. Sticks of cheese.”

“What kind of tattoo do you think I should get?”

“When people say things like, “You’ll regret that in the morning,” I just sleep until midday. I’m a problem-solver by nature.”

“Leggings, drunk people, and children don’t lie. This image doesn’t either.”

“What is the best way for me to get out of this glass prison? Isn’t there someone who can assist me? Could you please help me?”

“I’m not serious, mama. Please do not contact me by phone.”

“Hey, don’t be depressed! Because das is sad on the inside—and das isn’t nice!”

“Until death does us part, we’ll have a good time.”

“It’s been a difficult day. There are tiers on the cake as well.”

“It isn’t a royal wedding, but it will suffice.”

“You’re getting married today, and I’m going to eat cake. It’s unquestionably a win-win situation.”

“These two are a gouda match made in heaven. Now, take me to the charcuterie plate.”

“Congratulations on achieving o-fish-ial status. There are now two fewer fish in the sea.”

“Thank you for letting me be a part of your great day, and a particular thanks to the cake you’re serving.”

“A wedding that fills your stomachs (and hearts) is the finest kind.”

“Their love for one another is unbreakable.”

“The celebration does not begin until we enter.”

“These two oddballs are a match made in heaven.”

“A gathering without a cake is simply that: a gathering.”

“It’s been a difficult day. There are tiers on the cake as well.”

“I’m looking forward to crying uncontrollably at the next wedding.”

“Is it possible to get married? It’s got a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it?”

“It’s revolting. She now has to share her home with a boy.”

“It’s not just about the bride and husband at a wedding. It’s all about the celebration.”

“They’ll make a wonderful elderly couple.”

“Even though 16-year-olds are competing in the Olympics, I’m still pushing on pull doors…”

“With a hint of Kanye, humble.”

“I’d give a fuck, but I already gave it to your mother the other night when you were downie eating a brownie.”

“Braless is perfect.”

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