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80 Wedding Wishes for Daughter – Messages & Quotes

wedding wishes for daughter messages quotes

Wedding Wishes for Daughter: Wedding wishes for your daughter on her wedding day is mandatory, it makes one relax and feel the support from her family especially her parents. Click to view the top 80 wedding wishes that were collected for you to share at tinypositive. The wedding day for a daughter is a parent’s greatest celebration. The heart is full of feelings to share, but the dilemma is what to write on the daughter’s wedding card. Wedding wishes carry all the love and affection that means a lot, from parents to daughter. Here we have assembled a fun series of congratulatory notes for brides, wedding wishes from parents to daughters that hold sincere blessings, and prayers to help you give wishes from parents to brides and grooms. Let’s get them tested!

Heartfelt congratulations on the engagement of your little child. Your little girl has grown into a girl who is so centered and responsible. She picked such an incredible guy for herself. She’s a fortunate kid too. I wish her all pleasure and prosperity… Many congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Your little birdie’s about to abandon her house.

The below-arranged wedding card texts from parents are the perfect example of what to write on a daughter’s wedding card.

Beautiful Wedding Wishes for Daughter - Occasions Messages

Beautiful Wedding Wishes for Daughter – Occasions Message

1. On this wonderful day, congratulations. Your little birdie, she’s all grown up and leaving her nest. Don’t you even care a little about her? She’s a tough lad like that. If she wants to, she may also rule the universe. She has your genes and your wisdom, after all. On this lovely day, I wish her lots and lots of happiness.

2. I wish all of the best in life for your daughter. With such love and concern, you raised your daughter so that she is just full of joy. She found herself a great man who unconditionally loves her. Your prayers have at last been answered. Don’t fret, it’s your time to find peace. Your daughter is going to have an awesome life after all.

3. Congratulations on your life’s big day. May you have a beautiful wedding and may the happily married feeling linger in your married life forever!

wedding wishes for daughter from parents

4. Anything I wish can bring new sunshine of happiness, pleasure, and awesomeness to your future life on this special day of yours!

5. Congratulations on your wedding Honey! Can you build a family of joy, devotion, and faith that will forever hold you safe!

6. Congratulations on your engagement, my precious girl! May God sends you a lot of peace, joy, and fun in your married life, and that will stay in life forever!

wedding wishes for daughter from mother

7. Congratulations on having met your dream guy! May you succeed in sustaining a good and never-ending relationship with your passion, faith, care, and patience!

8. Congratulations on your special day, Sweetheart! May the relationship between you and your partner be filled with life-long trust, respect, caring, and care!

9. Dear congratulations on meeting your true love. May this love with each passing day of your married life grow stronger and deeper!

Wedding Wishes For Daughter From Mother Quotes for all

10. Congratulations on beginning a new chapter in your life and wishing you happiness with your wife for a lifetime!

11. My Beauty, I wish you much pleasure, joy, and fun in your married life. May you have a married life that is fruitful!

12. Congratulations to the bride and groom. Will your wedding bring precious moments of love and faith in your life!

Wedding Wishes For Daughter From Mother On Her Wedding Day

Wedding Wishes For Daughter From Mother On Her Wedding Day

Your daughter is starting a new life. She’s built a decent life for herself now, so she’s going to have her own lovely family now too. You’ve been training her well. You really have to be proud of yourself. After all, be glad that you’re the bride’s mother. It is the fresh beginning of a lovely life.

The little one with the ponytail has grown to be such a lovely girl and is even getting married. I’m so shocked how this little girl who used to follow her mother everywhere becomes a lady like that. I’m glad for you, truly. Right now you have to be the happiest guy. Congratulations here.

I am so excited about your wedding, even though you will always be my little princess. May you and your life mate enjoy a marvelous life!

Thoughtful Words From Mother to Daughter on Wedding Day

How time goes, now that you’re a big kid! I’m so glad for you that you’ve met a special person you’d complete your family with right now! Enjoy your day.

To give you my best wishes for today and forever. With lots of love, satisfaction, and confidence that form a happy married life, may God bless your marriage!

Sending both of you my best wishes. Can your life experience the nicest moments in life, and together you have a lovely little world!

special words to my daughter on her wedding day

On Her Wedding Day Texts From Mum To Daughter. May you have a lovely little world of yours in this wonderful world, full of beauty, joy, and faith! Congratulations on your wedding, both of you!

Can your special day turn into the same scenario you dreamed of for your wedding? My best wishes and prayers are with you both all the time!

May your marriage be a fruitful one and confidence and joy bloom with your ever-growing love! Congratulations to the two special guests tonight.

Messages on her wedding day from father to daughter. Proud to be a daddy of yours, my love! May Heaven, with infinite love, faith, reverence, and happiness, bless you both! Enjoy the big day to its best.

Beautiful Phrases For A Daughter On Her Wedding from Father

Beautiful Phrases For A Daughter On Her Wedding from Father

On this rare and great day, my friend, I wish you all the best. I have always praised you for the manner in which you raised your lovely daughter. And through all the struggles you had to go through, your family was kept there and treated with such grace. For your contributions and your devotion and commitment, I salute you guys. Many many congratulations once again on this happiest day.

A new step in life is a wedding. Your daughter is going to have her own new life soon. Your son-in-law is one hell of a lucky man after all our girl is one in million. No one can be like her and nobody can be like her. Her new family and her new husband are lucky enough to make their family a purr child. Congratulations to you for being the mother of a lovely bride.

In reality, the bride is a lucky girl to have such lovable and loving parents in the first place. Parents who with their capacity, did anything to give her such a wonderful life. You guys still stood by her side, and each and every decision embraced her. On this particular day, congratulations.

Know my earnest wishes for this new accomplishment! You both make a beautiful couple and you hope they will always fall in love this way. God bless all of you!

My little princess, your wedding is the most dream-like experience of my life. May both of you have a beautiful wedding and be together in life at all times!

congratulations on the marriage of your daughter card

Messages on her wedding day from father to daughter. Congrats on your wedding, my dear! May both of you forever remain in love and wish you a happy married life in the future!

Congrats, Princess Daddy! Wish you a beautiful, never-ending happy life ahead, and may you both stay forever together this way!

Your daughter’s wedding is a big family day for you. By planning these lovely wedding wishes and notes for daughters, we have tried here to make the special day more sentimental and heart-touching. The words of your heart will be specifically conveyed by these sincere blessings and prayers.

wedding congratulations messages to parents of groom


Wish your beloved daughter a happy wedding and married life with these sweet and heartfelt wedding wishes and messages for her and her partner

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