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70 Wedding Wishes For Son – Messages & Quotes

wedding wishes for son messages quotes

Wedding wishes for son to congratulate him on his marriage by best wedding congratulations messages for a happy married life. Congrats on tying the knot, son! So happy for you! Wishing you and your partner a lifetime of love and happiness. Enjoy this special day to the fullest! Cheers to the newlyweds! As a parent, it’s such a blessing to see your son become the groom and bring his soul mate into his life and home. Nothing can make this special occasion any happier than when parents send wedding wishes to their son. Your good vibes will totally make him feel the aloha and appreciation vibes, and give him a major confidence boost for his new life with his partner.

Becoming a dad, watching your son become a husband, and taking his soul mate into his life and home is a complete blessing. Nothing from parents to a son will make this happy day happier than wedding wishes. Your heartfelt wishes will produce a sense of aloha and gratitude and make him more optimistic that he is going to proceed with his life partner in his new life.

There are constant love and optimistic vibes in wedding wishes from parents to groom and bride. Convey heartfelt blessings, prayers, and congratulations to your son through one of our lovely wishes and messages for the wedding and let his level of trust improve by making him know that he has your support for his decision.

Wedding Wishes for Son - Cards Wishes

Wedding Wishes For Son

Welcome to your life’s next chapter! May you will have patience, empathy, and true love when you move on with your new bride. God bless you and your lovely bride and defend them!

It is a very special sight to see you as a little kid and now a grown man. You are a responsible, creative, and compassionate young man, and now you have the opportunity to marry your one true love. Will both of you be rewarded together with your success, and may you both know how much we will both love and sustain both of you.

When you step on into the next phase of your life, please remember that, like my little child, I will always love you. But I also know that more insight and development comes with each passing day. So I hand on my little boy proudly to the lady who’s going to make you whole. On your most joyous day, God bless you both!

I’m so pleased to see you have grown into the man I’ve always wanted you to be. Now with a spirit of adventure as you step further into the unknown, I wish you both very much fun and hope that you know how much you are loved!

May you be able to keep any vow and promise you have made and be kind to your to-be life partner!

The core of a good life is a caring life partner and I am so glad that you have acquired the vital lifeblood!

Wedding Card Messages from Parents

May both of you be the happiest couple ever and may your whole life be furnished with respect, passion, and joy!

My whole dream came true to have you as a groom, and Buddy already knows that all of you have all my best wishes.

I am so glad that you have discovered the true love of your life, and may your love flourish in every season!

Dear Boy, your wedding day is coming and going, but all I wish is for you to have endless love and happiness all your life.

Can both of you be strong enough to face all of your life’s obstacles and sorrows with a smile on your face and love in your heart!

May God make your life full of happiness, love, and confidence for each other, no matter what the situation is!

Messages From Mother To Son On His Wedding Day

Messages From Mother To Son On His Wedding Day

Good luck to you as you embark upon the marital challenges! You have been a beautiful young man with so much to show the world that seeking real happiness is only suitable for you. May your marriage be blessed, and may everlasting love be given.

Now I see that your heart and soul are full and you are cherished by your lovely bride beyond measure! Congratulations to both of you and may you remember how much you are loved and cared about by me.

On this particular day of yours, know my heartfelt blessings, and may this day bring more happiness in your future days!

You have now promised to share your lives together and I hope you keep doing this lovingly forever. May you still be loving and caring for your partner in life!

Wedding Congratulations Cards for Son from Greeting Card

Let me tell you the secret to a happy married life, and it is clear that your partner is moderate, kind, undemanding, compassionate, and loving.

When I first took the tiny you in my arms, the first thing I wanted was to take care of you with a trustworthy site, and see today that it came true!

May you be kind, gracious, and caring to your partner, regardless of the situation!

You are also bound in a pledge to support, to be tender, and to give and take by marriage. May both of you be able to sustain that!

Father To Son Texts On His Wedding Day

Father To Son Texts On His Wedding Day

I am so very proud to see you marrying the love of your life! I know you two are going to go through your lives, filling each other with so much fun and unending love! As you launch your new and marvelous home, God bless you all.

When you marry your stunning bride, you’re hitting a milestone in your life. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter-in-law, and I’m so pleased to see that you have become a wonderful fellow. As a recent addition to our family, she is really a blessing from Heaven.

Congratulations Boy, on the best day of your life, for finding your soul partner as if I had found your mother once!

I pray for your happiness, anything from your early childhood to growing old, and we are ready to embrace the person in whom your happiness resides!

message from mother to son on his wedding day

May both of you be an example of a loving and caring couple and be one another’s strength.

Existence without a decent wife is, dear Buddy, like a body without a mind. Hope your wife proves to be the best!

Congratulations Son and I wish you a happy and healthy and forever living married life!

Both our heartfelt wishes are for you both, welcome to your new life form, and trust that all the positivity will withhold the hand of good luck!

Wishes For Marriage Of Friend’s Son

Wishes For Marriage Of Friend’s Son

You will always be as dear to me as you were years before. I wish you my most heartfelt congratulations on your engagement. With immense respect, may God bless you!

Congratulations on a remarkable day in your life. With each day of your marriage, may your love grow stronger!

On your wedding day, take my heartiest greetings and may your love be the same till the last moment of your life.

All the best wishes you and your wife have for you. My God will make your love eternal and everlasting!

Congratulations on marrying your son. With love, understanding, and romance, may his married life be done!

quotes to my son on his wedding day

As with our relationship, what I hope is that your son will still have a companion through his wife in life and will be cherished!

Bundle of love, the spoonful of comprehension, and everlasting love-may the marriage of your son be the perfect one full of all these ingredients!

Can God meet all the wishes of his marriage that you and your son have, and you will be a daughter-in-law!

Know the blessings of my heart at your son’s wedding. Will his life be packed with romance, affection, admiration, and happiness!

I recall all the preparations you did for your son’s wedding with me! I wish him a married life of grace.

Wishes For Marriage Of Friend’s Son wedding wishes for son messages quotes

You grew to be more than I had ever wished for! With the companionship of your soul mate and best friend, may God bless you. For you both, I am so proud and grateful.

We are so excited to welcome this beautiful young lady to our circle! Seeing how happy she makes you, and how happy you make her, is so beautiful. So congratulations on this very special day, and may what you have for the rest of your lives is happiness and joy in your hearts.

May the Lord bless and preserve your wedding to the most perfect woman I have ever dreamed of for you. Know that a wedding takes time, but great benefits come with effort. Congratulations on this happy day to both of you!

A life, much like a flower, takes a lot of commitment and patience. You have so many beautiful virtues that your spirit would be rich in this new garden you are planting. Congratulations on this happiest day!

Letter to My Son On Your Wedding Day

With the support of these sample wedding messages, it does not have to be hard at all to craft the ultimate customized wedding wishes that shine a spotlight. We hope you have the right thoughts now about what to write on a wedding card to wish your son a happy wedding day and bless him. To give your congratulations, use these wedding wishes for your son or for someone you deem to be like your son.


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