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31 Inspirational Quotes About journaling

inspirational quotes about journaling

We hold everything in our heart — beautiful, traumatic, suffering, spiritual. Everything shut in our cages. It’s ready to be set loose so several directions to unlock it. Those quotations refer to a positive means of freeing what’s inside, so you can function healthier and safe. Here are the best 31 motivational quotes on journaling to encourage you to get into this life-changing practice that can support self-development.

Inspirational quotes about journaling

1. “NASA was going to pick a public school teacher to go into space, observe and make a journal about the space flight, and I am a teacher who always dreamed of going up into space.” — Christa McAuliffe

2. “Rap was more of a release for me, a journal.” — Kevin Gates

3. “I don’t keep a journal.” — Chris Evans

4. “Your subconscious mind is trying to help you all the time. That’s why I keep a journal – not for chatter but for mostly the images that flow into the mind or little ideas. I keep a running journal, and I have all of my life, so it’s like your gold mine when you start writing.” — Jim Harrison

5. “Share shame so you are not left alone with it. If you can’t find another person, get a journal. I didn’t say make a video on Snapchat. It’s for you, not anyone else.” — Tracee Ellis Ross

6. “Somebody said to me, ‘You should keep a journal of this period in your life and really write down this stuff.’ But that makes me a little uneasy.” — Timothee Chalamet

7. “My job in space will be to observe and write a journal. I am also going to be teaching a class for students on earth about life in space and on the space shuttle and conducting experiments.” — Christa McAuliffe

8. “I wrote songs when I was little, and I wrote a journal, but I don’t think I knew how to let that truth come out yet.” — Juliette Lewis

9. “I don’t think I’m an angry person. I think I’m a person who’s angry. I’m angry at the Bush administration; I’m angry at the right-wing media. And by that, I don’t mean the media is right-wing. I mean, there is a part of the media that’s not the mainstream media. That’s Fox, that is ‘The Wall Street Journal’ editorial page.” — Al Franken

10. “After the writer’s death, reading his journal is like receiving a long letter.” — Jean Cocteau

Inspiring Quotes about Writing Everyday quotes for journal responses

11. “After the writer’s death, reading his journal is like receiving a long letter.” — Jean Cocteau

12. “I carry around, like, a little journal with me and just write all the time. Not necessarily, like, actually sitting down and writing lyrics – just freeform writing, whatever’s going on in my mind. I write a lot on airplanes, actually, because it’s completely isolating.” — Mandy Moore

13. “The first set of lyrics for the first songs I ever wrote, which are the ones on ‘Pretty Hate Machine,’ came from private journal entries that I realized I was writing in lyric form.” — Trent Reznor

14. “As a graduate student, I wrote a long paper connecting the dots between mathematical models of learning and language development in children. It was published in a major journal.” — Steven Pinker

15. “I didn’t have to keep a bloody journal. It’s terribly boring keeping a journal anyway. I hate it. You spend more time writing down life instead of living it.” — Christopher Plummer

16. “I keep threatening to keep a formal journal, but whenever I start one it instantly becomes an exercise in self-consciousness. Instead of a journal I manage to have dozens of notebooks with bits and pieces of stories, poems, and notes. Almost everything I do has its beginning in a notebook of some sort, usually written on a bus or train.” — Walter Dean Myers

17. “After my husband died, I could not write much – I could not concentrate. I was too exhausted most of the time even to contemplate writing. But I did take notes – not for fiction, but for a journal, or diary, of this terrible time. I did not think that I would ever survive this interlude.” — Joyce Carol Oates

18. “A journal of the ‘subjective’ kind I have always thought foolish, as nurturing a morbid self -consciousness in the writer; and yet, alone so much as I am, it is well to have some sort of a ventilator from the interior.” — Lucy Larcom

19. “One of the few things that will remain of this time is what artists are doing. They are the journal and the diary of our time.” — Robert Wilson

20. “I remember telling my creative writing teacher that you never want to have a journal, because if you lose it, then someone’s going to know all your secrets. And then she stopped using a journal, but I always write everything down… Anytime I travel, I try and fill up notepads.” — Garrett Hedlund

Motivational quotes about journal thoughts about journaling

21. “I have a little pocket journal. I just put the pen on the paper and just go.” — Tash Sultana

22. “For quite a while, I didn’t receive a higher academic status. I didn’t feel any discrimination against me as a woman scientist, but I hadn’t produced a lot of scientific journal articles.” — Ada Yonath

23. “A page of my journal is like a cake of portable soup. A little maybe diffused into a considerable portion.” — James Boswell

24. “When I was playing good, nobody was saying I was playing well. When I was playing bad, I would be the first one on the front of the journal.” — Dejan Lovren

25. “Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, warned Facebook of the need for consumer protection and an open Internet, and according to ‘The Wall Street Journal,’ Thune has sent a letter to Zuckerberg asking how the company chooses its trending topics and who is ultimately responsible.” — Lawrence Kudlow

26. “I guess whatever maturity is there maybe there because I’ve been keeping a journal forever. In high school my friends would make fun of me – you’re doing your man diary again. So I was always trying to translate experience into words.” — Anthony Doerr

27. “The only thing I have done religiously in my life is to keep a journal. I have hundreds of them, filled with feathers, flowers, photographs, and words – without locks, open on my shelves.” — Terry Tempest Williams

28. “The reason we have not gone to newspapers is that its a slow-growth industry and I think they are dying. I’m not sure there will be newspapers in 10 years. I read the newspapers every day. I even read Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal.” — Sumner Redstone

29. “Omalu first found the tau ‘threads’ in the brain of former Steeler Mike Webster in 2002 and published his findings in 2005, in the journal ‘Neurosurgery.’” — Jeanne Marie Laskas

30. “It came as a surprise to find that a professional society and journal (Econometrica) were flourishing, and I entered this area of study with great enthusiasm.” — Lawrence R. Klein

Bullet journal quote page quotes journaling prompts

31. “Putting words on the paper regularly is part of the necessary discipline of writing. A journal is a great way to do that.” — Pearl Cleage

32. “I want to thank Vox Media, The Verge, Recode, the ‘Wall Street Journal,’ and CNBC for giving me a voice.” — Walt Mossberg

33. “For a professional writer in the Soviet Union, it works this way. First, you have to have something to say – that’s the main thing. Second, it’s a matter of who publishes you. If your book has real stuff in it, readers will ferret it out, even in a Siberian journal.” — Anatoly Rybakov

34. “I am not a contest-enterer by nature. But contests – and their entry fees – are often the main way literary journals raise money to, you know, publish their issues. So entering contests helps support the journal, which also helps support the writers they publish.” — Celeste Ng

35. “We’ve got a yawl named the Phebe, which is named for a boat in a whaling journal my father and I edited. We keep a copy of the journal on board.” — Nathaniel Philbrick

36. “Historians and scholars have access to every issue of every newspaper and journal written during the civil rights struggle of the 1960s but can access only a comparative handful of papers covering the election of Barack Obama.” — Jeffrey Zeldman

37. “I started writing and photographing for different publications and finally ended up being the correspondent in South Asia, for the Geneva-based Journal de Geneve, which at one time used to be one of the best international newspapers in Europe.” — Francois Gautier

38. “The ‘Wall Street Journal’ is quite irate that I rank them with industry front groups and cranks denying climate change. But they have a record whenever industrial pollutants are involved. Look at the ‘Journal”s commentary on acid rain, on the ozone layer, and on climate change.” — Sheldon Whitehouse

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