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178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend

Friendship quotes and sayings about true life experience. The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it. Share your smile with the world. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

Funny quotes about friendship and being friends. “Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay like an octopus on your face.

These 178 best quotes about friendship are perfect to share these friendship quotes with your best friend to warm their heart. These quotes about best friends capture the true spirit about being there for each.

friendship quotes and sayings 178 Best Friends Quotes about life sayings

Inspiring Friendship Quotes

“1. I’m the one girl in the group that gets left out of everything just because I’m quiet and don’t have a boyfriend like everyone else.”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 1

“2. Story of my life: “Your friend is hot”

“3. I was at Target and a girl lost her friend and she said “Marco” then 2 aisles down you hear “Pollo”. Friendship Goals”

“4. I miss my first boyfriend. I just want to chill and be friends with him. He was my best friend.”

“5. I’m a weird mix of outgoing and anti-social. Sometimes I’ll even avoid talking to friends, but when I do I really enjoy it”

“6. If you’re not friends with someone you once called your best friend.”

“7. My best friends and I agreed that if we’re still single by 35 well go to the sperm bank and get inseminated by the same sperm so our kids can be siblings……”

“8. I’m an ER nurse… Last night I saved my best friend from an overdose… When I said best friends forever, I meant it…”

“9. Do you ever feel like you’re in the group but you’re not “in” the group”

“10. I’m a guy but I’ve never had any male friends, I only have female friends. I ‘m straight and stuff but guys are just horrible friends”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 10

“11. If I have to clean my room before you come over, then we’re not real friends”

“12. My best friend who lives in France said my birthday present would be delivered today. The doorbell rang, and my birthday present was her.”

“13. I started singing lost boy in Walmart and I was like, “I am a lost boy, from never land” and then an aisle over I hear “usually hanging out with, Peter pan!” Me and that dude are now best friends”

“14. I once came out to my best friend as bi she didn’t believe me and forgot all about that. I lost all respect for her and I don’t think I will ever come out ever again.”

“15. My friend accidentally sent a nude to our best friends group chat. All 3 of us sent in ours so she won’t feel bad. Now we have a new group chat dedicated to nudes lol!”

“16. My favorite kind of pain is in my stomach when my friends makes me laugh too hard.”

“17. Do you ever feel like you’re in the group but you’re not “In” the group”

“18. I wish there was a place for adults to meet & make friends other than a bar or church. Adult play dates¯ ¯ nothing sexual¯ ¯ just to make friends.”

“19. Ever feel like you are closer to a friend then they are to you?”

“20. If I got married tomorrow, I wouldn’t have anyone to be a bridesmaid or my Maid of Honor except for my mom or little sister. It really sucks not having any friends.”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 20

“21. My best friend is in her first relationship & its driving everyone insane. She’s so rude to him and he’s annoying. I want them to break up so I can have my bff back”

“22. I told my friend I had diabetes. Because I didn’t want her homemade cookies”

“23. I find the “weird” kids to be the most fun to hangout with”

“24. No message only picture”

“25. Put our hands under each other’s boobs and yell. “I support you!””

“26. Best friends don’t use their secrets against each other they keep their secrets until they die.”

“27. Is there anything that you’re afraid to admit to your best friend?”

“28. I hate it when friends interfere with my parenting”

“29. I ended a relationship with my “best friend” last year when she told me I needed to get over my miscarriage 3 weeks after it happened. It hurt, but what she said hurt even more.”

“30. I’ve come to the realization that because I have no real friends, I will never have to pay for an overpriced bridesmaid dress. I’m not even mad.”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 30

“31. I was getting really close to this guy. But I had to let him go cause one of my best friends likes him. We’re both heartbroken”

“32. “The entire year I was with you I really wanted your best friend” ”

“33. Anyone else here has that one really extroverted friend who is really loud and you’re just sitting there like “pls stahp”

“34. I refuse to open snap chat videos in public because I don’t trust my friends at all.”

“35. My best friend just poured out his heart to me and told me he loves me and is going to fight for me. I love him too but I don’t want to date him…”

“36. What’s the most selfless thing you’ve ever done for a friend?”

“37. Some people are picky about their friendship standards. I just need to know what your favorite girl scout cookie is.”

“38. I hate the fact that my friend and I are good at the same things. I feel like I keep competing with him and it sucks. I feel bad when I beat him and I feel bad when he beats me. I can’t win”

“39. Everyone needs someone who will call and say: “get dressed, we’re going on an adventure”

“40. My friend said I’m ugly because I don’t wear makeup. I smudged her eyeliner and mascara.”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 40

“41. If someone heard me and my best friend’s conversations we would be put in a mental care home”

“42. That awkward moment when you’re too far into a friendship to ask someone’s name.”

“43. There’s nothing worse than when you introduce two friends and they start hanging out without you. I created you!”

“44. The person I thought to be my best friend started dating the guy I like. So much for sisters before misters. She says she’s sorry but I know she’s not.”

“45. IDC if you’re LGBT, have a disability, what your religion, your race, your nationality, or your gender is. If you’re cool to hang out with, you can be one of my homies.”

“46. I went out of my way to surprise my best friend for her birthday. She didn’t do shit for mine.”

“47. I’m the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body, but if you betray me, just remember: I know how to hide a body”

“48. Last night, I ended one of my longest friendships. Unfortunately, sometimes the people who mean the most to you become toxic to your mental health, and it’s time to say goodbye.”

“49. I have Asperger’s syndrome. That means I have problems with social and communication. But that doesn’t mean I’m an introvert. I love talking to people. But sometimes people think I’m rude.”

“50. I constantly worry that my friends all secretly hate me”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 50

“51. Heart this if you’re awkward and have a hard time making friends and connecting with other people.”

“52. I regret introducing two of my good friends to each other because now they’re better friends than I ever was with them.”

“53. My ex-best friend is crazy!! She pretended to be deaf, and she made up a fake brother just to kill him off in some crazy story!”

“54. My friend introduced me as “Her best friend” to someone she knows the other day. Nobody’s called me that since elementary school. I almost cried.”

“55. How did you meet your oldest friend?”

“56. Getting rid of toxic people in your life is refreshing. Unfortunately, one of those people was my best friend of 14 years.”

“57. Keys to a good friendship: – same taste in alcohol – different taste in man”

“58. Knowledge cannot replace friendship, I’d rather be an idiot than lose you.”

“59. People say not to trust people on the internet because some are liars.. I’m more honest on the internet than I am with my real friends!”

“60. My best friend spread a rumor about me saying that I cheated on my boyfriend, he broke up with me because of her”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 60

“61. I never knew how hard it would be to make friends in your 30s. I miss being the social butterfly!”

“62. I told my best friend that I love him. He laughed at me. He thought it was just a joke.”

True Friendship Quotes

“63. In life we never loose friends, we just find out who are true friends are… Be one…”

“64. I’m so sad. My birthday is this week and I have nothing and no one to celebrate it with. All my friends are too poor to go out.”

“65. A friend I had growing up always told me how hot my dad was and tried to flirt with him. When we got older she got drunk and stole his number from my phone and drunk texted him. Needless to say, we no longer speak.”

“66. Thank god I have friends who take turns with me hosting sleepover play dates with our kids. If it wasn’t for our little circle, no one would be getting laid!!”

“67. Never have I ever felt that I actually belong within a group of friends. I’m usually the one who’s “just there”.”

“68. The struggle to make friends as an adult is real.”

“69. I never actually say hi to my friends, I just make creepy faces at them from a distance.”

“70. Was suppose to be maid of honor but she decided she wanted me to be the photographer instead. I still ended up doing all the maid of honor work!”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 70

“71. Is it possible to have a friend soulmate? Like a friendmate.. or a soulfriend.. I think so.”

“72. It’s very hard to make friends as an adult because once you’re an adult you’ve realized you hate everyone.”

“73. Anyone else has friend crushes people who you want to be friends with so bad but something’s restraining you from gaining that relationship so you kind of admire them from a distance”

“74. I’m the “mom” of the friend group”

“75. I change my personality completely depending on which friend I’m hanging out with”

“76. I’m afraid to tell my best friend that I need alone time. She’s just so controlling at times and too demanding. I just need to get away from all that.”

“77. My best friend has been progressively going blind… This morning she woke up crying because her sight was completely gone. I just held her”“78. When you’re the one who creates a friendship between two people and then gets completely left out…”

“79. My best friend just told me that she doesn’t want to be friends with me bc I’m extremely stupid and clingy… wow, I just love hearing that?”

“80. Sometimes, I feel like I’m more of a therapist than a friend…”

178 Inspiring Friendship Quotes For Your Best Friend 80

“81. Not sure if fire alarm or two girls seeing each other for the first time since last semester.”

“82. I’m the one in the group who stares at the floor with my hands in my pocket and stays quite”

“83. I started singing lost boy in walmart and I was like, “I am a lost boy, from never land” and then an aisle over I hear “usually hanging out with, peter pan!” Me and that dude are now best friends”

“84. How to make friends? Text the person you secretly love and say “I love you” and then wait for them to reply “I’m sorry I only see you as a friend”. Congratulations!! You’ve made a friend”

“85. I finally realized I have no friends when I found out I got the job and had no one to call and celebrate with.”

“86. Fake friends are like shadows they are there for you in the sun but leave you as soon as it gets dark”

“87. My best friend’s boyfriend tried to kiss me and I spit in his face”

“88. I picked my boyfriend over my best friend. It’s been 3 years and I still regret it every day.”

“89. I swear you can not vent to your friends about your man because they can’t wait to turn him into a terrible person of low moral character”

“90. A real best friend makes your family question your sexuality”

“91. When Facebook brings up a memory with someone you’re not friends with any more”

“92. Do you ever feel like you’re the least important person when you’re with your friends?..”

“93. I have one friend who constantly drags me out of the house, makes me laugh and checks up on me. She doesn’t know she’s saving me from my depression.”

“94. My former best friend has ghosted me to be with a married man. He got married while dating my friend..”

“95. The best thing you can do to a sad person is giving them a hug and invite them for pizza”

“96. Im always scared I won’t have any brides maids at my wedding cause I dnt have any really close friends.”

“97. I’m that one person in the friend group who’s not really in the friend group”

“98. As a male in a relationship, I feel like I’m way too needy. But, I don’t have friends other than my girlfriend”

“99. I “accidentally” leave money at my friend house because her family is struggling”

“100. When you realize telling your secrets to strangers around the world is easier than telling your friends…”

“101. If you’ve been the friend who gives the best relationship advice but still single.”

“102. I have no friends who are girls so whenever I get married I’ll have no bridesmaids, no maid of honor… I’ll be alone”

“103. Am I a fake friend if the only reason I stay is because I’m afraid to be alone???”

“104. My best friend kissed me and I kissed him back…. He’s in a relationship…”

“105. I’m the fat friend but I’m still beautiful. Confidence is key darling. I’ve been hit on as well.”

“106. My close friend asked me to be her surrogate and I said no.”

“107. I’ve finally cut off old “Friends” and every day I spend without them the more I realize just how fake and negative they truly were.”

“108. I want more friends but I don’t like people”

“109. If you’re having a shitty day know this my friends once threw me a birthday party but forgot to invite me”

“110. I want friend weddings to become a thing. Like, let’s celebrate our forever friendship, with cake and partying and then let’s go on a 3 week vacation!!”

“111. My best friend is against abortion and doesn’t think it should be legal. She still held my hand when I had one and has never said one bad word about me or my choice. I wish everyone that kind of love.”

“112. I’m carrying my best friend’s baby cause she can’t have her own.”

“113. I’m so embarrassed to admit that I don’t have any friends. Making friends as an adult is hard.”

“114. Admit this we all have a close friend who doesn’t talk to u like before”

“115. I wish it was socially acceptable to hold hands with your friends”

“116. When I go to my friends houses I look for cool things to steal. I’m a klepto and it’s getting worse.”

“117. If you wanna be my lover… you gotta stay away from my friends they’re all more attractive than me”

“118. I make fun of the people I love. It’s just how I show that I’m comfortable around you. If we’re friends, and I don’t tease you, then we’re not really friends. Take it as a compliment…”

“119. The look on her face when she friendzoned me and I told the waiter to give us separate checks… Priceless! Since we’re not on a date and just friends.”

“120. I lowkey feel like “The therapist” to all my friends. I always help them with their problems yet I can’t seem to fix my own”

“121. Sometimes when a female friend is going through a particularly hard time, I anonymously send them flowers with an encouraging note highlighting their best qualities”

“122. I hate it when friends change when they are around different people.”

“123. If you don’t have a “squad”. I can’t be the only loner.”

“124. How well do you know your best friend? If your best friend was on a deserted island, what are 3 things they couldn’t live without? Tag them in your answer”

“125. I find it so much easier to make friends with men than women. But men always try to make it sexual”

“126. I have two friends total and they hate each other so I can’t even vent to one when the other sucks”

“127. How did you meet your best friend?”

“128. My dying friend jokingly said she’s going to haunt me. I found it oddly comforting”

“129. Whenever I’m hanging out with a large group of friends I kind of just sit there, and observe. It’s like I want to say a lot but I just don’t feel like it, ya know”

“130. I sent a dirty pic to my bff (supposed to go to my boyfriend) and she sent me tips on how to take pics from better angles”

“131. Went to walmart and lost my Bff so I tried to do that cute Marco friendship goal thing. And I said Marco but the response I got from a sttanger two rows down was “bitch this isn’t a pool!!””

“132. I was ghosted by my bff of over 10 years I guess I was right she was never really my friend…”

“133. Every third wheel should get paid for the bullshit they have to endure.”

“134. Heart if you don’t have a squad…. I’m sure I’m not the only loner out there lol”

“135. What I want to say to my best friend at my wedding: “Dear best friend, he may be the ‘love of my life’, but you will always be my soulmate.””

“136. If my friends ever found out the stuff I’m into behind closed doors they would never look at me the same”

“137. My best friend and I made a pact when we first turned 19 to get married at 26 if were still single. Were getting married n 2 years…. Were gonna be 21 [so we can drink legally]”

“138. All my friends are poor and bail last minute. It makes me so mad at them for ditching me.”

“139. I had a comeback but it would’ve ruined our friendship I’m that nice…”

“140. Recently I was snooping and discovered my friend’s bf is using drugs again. His gf has no idea and if I tell her they will both know I was snooping or think I made it up to break them up on purpose.”

“141. Having a girl as your best friend when you’re a single guy is the best thing in the world. Constant reality check, perspective and smiles that make you feel better.”

“142. You know the feeling when you’re in a group but you’re not really “in” the group”

“143. My best friend’s husband said he had feelings for me when he was drunk. I have no interest whatsoever, and he apologized the next day and hasn’t spoken of it since…. I never told her.”

“144. As an introvert, I appreciate friends inviting me out even though they know I’ll most likely say no. it shows that they think of me”

“145. I lost a friend I’ve known for 10 years. She tried to control me like she does to her other friends. When she did not succeed, she told me we should stay apart.”

“146. I lost 40lbs, grew my hair out and gained self-esteem. Friend: “No offence but you’re too skinny now” F*ck off”

“147. My friend lasted a week as single before moving on to a new guy. I’m pretty sure I’ve worn underwear longer than that.”

“148. When I told my best friend that I didn’t want to have kids for the first time she told me that I wouldn’t become anyone without children. A year later she apologized and told me she felt the same.”

“149. Saw this quote today: “Not friends, not enemies just strangers with some memories” Relatable af”

Short Friendship Quotes

“150. Three weeks after graduation, I realized that I was only friends with the people I was friends with because I saw them 5 days a week.”

“151. I am so going to unfriend everyone after graduation”

“152. I’m good friends with my boss but sometimes I wish I wasn’t then I wouldn’t feel so bad about wanting a new job.”

“153. So I proposed to my best friend for the fourth time this year. Mainly because we get free dinner and a round of applause. Works every time.”

“154. I check my phone a little too often for someone with no friends”

“155. I wish making friends was as easy as it is in the sims. Like you just walk up to some random person and talk about cats. Boom best friends.”

“156. My best friend confessed to me that he’s a home nudist too. I’m so excited because we’ll be getting an apartment soon. Nudist roommates are the best roommates.”

“157. I’m the kind of friend who would run to your house with pizza at 4 am if you’re sad but also forget to reply to your messages for 8 months.”

“158. I’d rather have 5 true close friends than 500 people I know by name.”

“159. Friendship is so weird. You pick out a random human you’ve never met and you’re like, “This one. I want to go on adventures with this one.”

“160. I have friends but at the same time, I don’t. It seems no one is ever really there when I need it most.”

“161. Parents: Don’t talk to strangers *20 years later* Patents: Why don’t you have any friends?”

“162. Be friends with people who have febreze in their bathrooms. They know how to deal with shit”

“163. Ever feel like you’re in a group. But not “in” the group?”

“164. I’m the friend who won’t steal a dollar from you, but if you leave the room I’m stealing like 4 fries off your plate.”

“165. When it comes to friends I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies”

“166. Somehow ive become that friend that always walks behind when the sidewalk won’t fit a group of three”

“167. Friends are like potatoes, if you eat them, they die”

“168. When you realize that you have more friends online than in real life”

“169. If you stop telling your “friends” everything your enemy wouldn’t know so much”

“170. When my best friend comes over”

“171. I’m always going to be that one friend who’s going to be walking behind everyone else. I’m always going to be that one friend who gets excluded in everything. I’m that one friend who’s forgotten.”

“172. When I’m lonely I play pretend that I have friends”

“173. I ghosted my best friend of over ten years, and every single day I regret it.”

“174. I’m always that friend that walks behind the group when the sidewalk doesn’t fit three…”

“175. My friends dance and look cute. I dance and look like a drunken giraffe. On roller skates.”

“176. It’s better to have a friend with two chins than two faces”

“177. I have friends that are millionaires and friends that go from couch to couch. People are people, give respect and get respect. Circle of social life.”

“178. She uninvited me to her wedding because I can’t afford to go to her Bachelorette party. We’ve been friends for 8 years.”

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