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140 Thank You for Loving Me Quotes

Thank You for Loving Me Quotes: The beautiful collection of, Thank you for loving me quotes just for you. these are the sweetest love quotes, for your loved ones to let them know how grateful you are having him or her in your life. these love quotes are all about the beauty of loving each other. We also included some beautiful thank you for loving me quotes images you can download and share with our beautiful love quotes.

Thank You for Loving Me

I may not show how much I love you every day but I make sure that you are the only one in my heart.”

He (she) gave you another reason to smile, showed you a better side to life, and encouraged you.”

Dear God, I know that I’m nowhere near perfect. I know I don’t pray every night. I know I lose my temper sometimes. But thank you for loving me in every way and letting me see another beautiful day.”

Love is like food. When you fall into love you become satisfied but if you divorce then you become hungry again.”

You know I suck at thank you for loving me quotes, but I’ve just got to give this a shot because you are the best Dad I could ask for. Thank you for going out of your way every time to show me, love.”

You felt enclosed, imprisoned in your state of doom, and if tears weren’t going to suffice, death was an option.”

Thank You for Loving Me

I never knew that I could have a friend as perfect as you. Thank you for loving me, dear Friend.”

I thought I was all alone… until you walked into my life… Thanks for being there. . . . . . . .”

I feel so happy being part of your life. You love me in ways that I did not think were possible. You have also taught me to love other people effortlessly. Thank you so much.”

Thank you for being you. For sharing your love with me… For inspiring me to accept myself… For helping me see the unique beauty in imperfection… For showing me that love is something you do; something not just to be said, but also to be shown.”

I love how you want to always be here for me. You have become a part of my small circle, and I Love it. Thank you for loving me, hating me, hurting me, and staying here to offer me your shoulders to cry on.”

Thank You For Loving Me Message

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”

The happiest day of my life was when we moved from acquaintances to friends. Thank you for loving me this much.”

If you love me I promise I will never break your heart. You may tire of me, but I will never get tired of you.”

I can’t control myself when you’re around. Unconsciously, my eyes follow you everywhere you go. When I look at you, it is difficult for me to look away.”

I believe Lord. thank you for loving me and giving me another chance when I did not deserve it.”

Thank You For Loving Me Message

Be the light.”

The happiest day of my life was when you said yes to me and promised that we will be together forever.”

Dear God: thank you for loving me enough to mold, guide, nourish, develop & promote me in passionately pursuing what you gifted me to do.”

Thanks for caring and supporting me in all the ways you can. Thank you for being the best mother I could ever have. I thank God that He gave you to me as a mother. I love you, Ma.”

My heart still melts every time I see you.”

To be grateful must be felt through the heart, for nothing can compare to a person’s kindness but the world thanks you.”

Imagine life without comfort, pain without a reprieve. We will all be dead. So, from the depths of my heart, Thank you for being my comfort and balm. Thank you for loving me the way you do.”

Thank You For Loving Me Quotes

Your perfectly planned life shattered before your very eyes, and tears were the only words you could muster.”

You make me smile. Thank you”

This is from my heart, to thank you for everything you have done for me, for all the times I forgot to tell you how I feel about you and how happy I am that you are in my life.”

Dear Dad, Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike. Thank you for cheering me on at graduation. thank you for loving me.”

You stayed at life’s checkpoint, blank and lost. You knew this was the end of your dreams and the start of a nightmare.”

Thank You For Loving Me Quotes

I love how balanced you are. These Thank you for loving me quotes can not measure your importance in my life. Thank you for being my friend.”

Then from the blues, everything came crashing.”

Remember how life started well for you. You were this guy (lady) who had everything in check and cheques; a fat paycheck and a good insurance plan.”

I may not show how much I love you every day, but I make sure that you are the only one in my heart.”

I may not be perfect, but I promise that my feelings are true and my love is perfect for you.”

I will never hurt you because I know how it feels and I don’t ever want you to feel that pain.”

He (she) wiped all of your tears, cleaned out your mess, lifted you, and gave you a reason to smile.”

I am not perfect, but my feelings toward you are genuine, and my love is ideal for you. You have been a great companion through my thick and thin. Thank you for loving me.”

Thank You My Love For Making Me Feel Special

Thank you for making me smile, thank you for making me laugh, thank you for pushing me but not letting me fall… Thank you for being you… Because now I stand tall ^_^”

However, that special one came into your life in your lowest moment.”

Love is the only reason for two people to have a stable relationship. No matter how busy you are, no matter how far the distance is, if that someone loves you, he’ll find time to be with you.”

Thank you for loving me, hating me, hurting me, and teaching me how to let go of someone that wasn’t right for me.”

Thank You My Love For Making Me Feel Special

God thank you for loving me, for knowing my ins and outs, and still choosing to show Your grace and mercy, good morning.”

The sense of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight. You have touched me in all of these senses, and I am left dazzled. So, dear Dad, thank you for being the most fantastic Dad.”

I wish I was your umbrella so that when it rains and I’m not there, you’ll regret that you left me.”

It’s amazing how two words that mean so much can seem so little. If I could show you how much your presence in my life means to me, the simple phrase of ‘thank you’ would pale and diminish in the sheer enormity of the gratitude I owe.”

I know loving me has never been easy, I’m like wildfire that’s hard to tame, but I wanna thank you for loving me anyway.”

I love how you never fail to make me happy. Every day you court me feels like the first time we met.”

If wishes were bells, I would keep ringing to how much I love and appreciate your essence. Thank you for loving me with the best love I can offer.”

I don’t care how many times you’ve hurt me, As long as you want me to stay with you I will be here at your side loving you.”

Living with anxiety is like being followed by a voice. It knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. It gets to the point when it’s the loudest voice in the room. The only one you can hear.”

Thank You Quotes For Love

Thank you for loving me endlessly and being faithful to me. I know I’m right, giving my trust to you because I know you will never break it.”

Thank you for all the special things you do.”

I am thankful for you.”

I will never do anything that will hurt you or your feelings because I love you.”

Before we take you through this journey, we need to help you reflect and remind you why these Thank you for loving me quotes should mean a lot to you.”

Thank You Quotes For Love

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours, / In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

These thank you for loving me quotes were written just for them.”

You are my one, my only, my everything, my shining star, my reason for living, I love you so much thank you for loving me. Together forever.”

if I can, I will not leave you. I will not give up, as long as I breathe I will not let you go. That’s how I love, I will fight if I know there’s still a chance.”

Happy Father’s day to my dads! thank you for loving me SO much and making me feel special every day. I so appreciate you.”

Hearing the words “thank you” can sometimes paint the prettiest smile on someone’s lips…”

I know words are not enough to express how much I love you but I’m trying my best to make you feel it every day. I promise you that you will be happy with me in every moment that we are together.”

Unconditional love exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It’s not ‘i love you’ for this or that reason, not ‘i love you if you love me. It’s love for no reason, love without an object. Ram Dass”

Dear God, I know I’m not perfect. But I want to thank you for loving me anyway.”

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, making me your priority, and putting my needs before your own. For understanding me when sometimes I get so childish and tease you. You are the best. I love you always. Thank You.”

Thank You My Love

I may not the one you choose but I promise you that in the end, I’ll be the one who will still be there waiting for you.”

Thank you for loving me as you love me. Thank you for showing me that we don’t always have to be strong to be there for each other–that it’s okay to be weak, so long as we’re there.”

Thank you for being you. Accepting me in all ways, making me happy when I’m sad, and thanks for all the pain that you removed from me. Thanks to God because he sent you to me.”

Thank You My Love

If you have someone in your life who… Understands your pain and helps you heal…never questions your past and accepts you as you are… can’t see you sleep with tears in your eyes…doesn’t take you for granted…respects your values and ethics… Is honest with you and treats your heart as his own heart…shares his feelings and emotions with you. Gives you his special time and attention and…loves every bit of you…then he is someone who will never leave you broken or shattered. He will be your strength throughout your life and love you for an entire lifetime. He is certainly a keeper. Treasure such a man and never let him go…”

Jesus thank you for loving me, for being my eyes when I couldn’t see, for parting my lips when I couldn’t breathe! thank you for loving me!”

If he’s making nonsense excuses to break up with you’d better let him go. He does not worth your love.”

Thank you, for being in my life.”

A good physique and the look every man could kill for. Everything was simply rosy, and you prayed it stayed so.”

You are the first person I think of when the cock crows, the only person I want to spend my day with, and the last person I want to hear before sleep. But, I can never get tired of you. So thank you for being my friend. I love you.”

That Special someone deserves countless thank you for loving me quotes, messages, songs, etc.”

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