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40 Inspirational Quotes About Islamic for Strength

Inspirational quotes about islamic for strength
Only are these are my favorite Islamic quotes but they are also famous messages. Some of you see these Islamic quotes on social networking pages.  Such brief motivational quotes also need to be read and shared. Share with me your set of Islamic Quotes. or recommend a couple more brief Islamic quotes so I can update this page. As a Muslim, I seek to find the Islamic answer, and often I also look for Islamic quotations, my current condition, or the issue.

Inspirational Quotes About Islamic for Strength

1. “In times of difficulty and hardship, turn to Allah for strength and guidance.”

2. “The teachings of Islam remind us to stay strong in the face of adversity and to trust in Allah’s plan.”

3. “Islamic faith empowers us to find inner strength through prayer and devotion.”

heart touching islamic quotes
heart touching islamic quotes

4. “The Quran is a source of inspiration, providing us with words of wisdom to strengthen our resolve.”

5. “Through the examples of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we learn that perseverance and steadfastness are crucial in times of challenges.”

Motivational quotes about islamic for strength

1. “My choosing Islam was not a political statement; it was a spiritual statement.” — Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2. “The problem of Islam as a political force is an essential one for our time and for the years to come, and we cannot approach it with a modicum of intelligence if we start out from a position of hatred.” — Michel Foucault

3. “I think my faith as a Muslim is very important. One of the core values is that you are always trying to build consensus. So when it comes to figuring out if something is permissible or not in Islam, it’s usually a discussion, and people have to come to a consensus in order for something to be approved.” — Ilhan Omar

4. “Islam is itself destiny and will not suffer destiny.” — Muhammad Iqbal

Inspirational quotes about islamic for strength in arabic
Inspirational quotes about islamic for strength in arabic

5. “The secular elites are so terrified of telling the truth about radical Islam. When you talk about the radical Islamists, we have got to get straight and get serious and talk about it in the right way.” — Newt Gingrich

6. “The role of religions in the domination and destruction of African civilizations was ruthless… Islam was as guilty as all the rest.” — John Henrik Clarke

7. “As a result of that, America desires a moderate Islam; an Islam that America can control; an Islam that America can give direction to and give orders to its leaders.” — Louis Farrakhan

8. “The fundamental question I believe is, ‘Is political Islam in our best interest?’ If not, what is our policy to authoritatively support the countervailing forces?” — Jim Mattis

Inspirational quotes about islamic for strength in english
Inspirational quotes about islamic for strength in english

9. “I think my love of truth and honesty forces me to notice that the liberal intelligentsia of Western countries is betraying itself where Islam is concerned.” — Richard Dawkins

10. “Islam tells us every girl and boy should be educated. I don’t know why the Taliban have forgotten it.” — Malala Yousafzai

Islamic quotes about life inspirational

11. “The major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, they deny somehow that God has a feminine face. However, if you go to the holy texts, you see there is this feminine presence.” — Paulo Coelho

12. “The name Muhammad is the most common name in the world. In all the countries around the world – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon – there are more Muhammads than anything else. When I joined the Nation of Islam and became a Muslim, they gave me the most famous name because I was the champ.” — Muhammad Ali

13. “I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.” — Barack Obama

14. “We believe women have rights in Islam that they’ve yet to obtain.” — Mohammad bin Salman

islamic motivational quotes from quran
islamic motivational quotes from quran

15. “Terrorists are not following Islam. Killing people and blowing up people and dropping bombs in places and all this is not the way to spread the word of Islam. So people realize now that all Muslims are not terrorists.” — Muhammad Ali

16. “The Nation of Islam’s main focus was teaching black pride and self-awareness. Why should we keep trying to force ourselves into white restaurants and schools when white people didn’t want us? Why not clean up our own neighborhoods and schools instead of trying to move out of them and into white people’s neighborhoods?” — Muhammad Ali

17. “I realize that many elements of the Buddhist teaching can be found in Christianity, Judaism, Islam. I think if Buddhism can help, it is the concrete methods of practice.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

18. “Islam means peace.” — Malala Yousafzai

19. “Traditional Islam is a mixture of all obedience to Allah, and if that requires militancy, so be it.” — Deepak Chopra

20. “However, those who have used those words use half the sentence to fit their purpose, which, of course, I believe is to discredit me and the new Nation of Islam that has come up around me.” — Louis Farrakhan

Greatest quotes on islamic and sayings

21. “I think that rather than condemning Islam, Islam needs to be studied by those who are sincere.” — Louis Farrakhan

22. “You notice how liberals keep saying, ‘If only Islam would have a Reformation’ – it can’t have one. It says it can’t. It’s extremely dangerous in that way.” — Christopher Hitchens

23. “The rise of African nations concurrent with the spread of the Nation of Islam and the civil rights movement gave black America a burst of pride over and above anything they had had since the decline of the movement of Marcus Garvey.” — John Henrik Clarke

24. “Obama’s entire foreign policy was predicated on the notion that by existing, he would bridge all gaps and bury all hatchets. Instead, the Muslim world burns his picture even as he tells them he respects their radicalism. It turns out that diversity is a one-way street for the devotees of global Islam.” — Ben Shapiro

muslim quotes for strength
muslim quotes for strength

25. “When 9/11 hit, the second thing I said to myself was, ‘This really is what religious people do.’ Those people flying the plane were very good, very pious, truly faithful believers. There’s no other way to paint them. Of course, they are extremists by definition, but they certainly aren’t going against Islam in any real way.” — Penn Jillette

26. “The giving of the Quran is in Islam what the incarnation of Christ is to Christianity. If this is so, then Quran-burning is parallel to Christ-crucifying.” — John Piper

27. “There is no reason whatsoever to think that Buddhism can compete successfully with the relentless evangelizing of Christianity and Islam. Nor should it try to.” — Sam Harris

28. “I never was in the Nation of Islam… I mean, what I call myself is a natural Muslim, ’cause it’s just me and God. You know, going to the mosque, the ritual and the tradition, it’s just not in me to do. So I don’t do it.” — Ice Cube

Inspiring quotes about islamic on god, life, success

29. “I am totally against the idea that a Muslim woman should not have the same opportunities as a Muslim man to learn, to open up, to work, help shape the future. To close Islam down to a sexist approach is totally intolerable and ridiculous. It’s not Islam.” — Hussein of Jordan

30. “The Muslims are, as a group, attacking people because under the Quran, there is the house of Islam, and outside of it, there’s the house of war.” — Alex Jones

Short inspirational quotes about islamic for strength
Short inspirational quotes about islamic for strength

31. “I have a deep and personal aversion to anti-Semitism regardless of its source, and I reject and condemn the anti-Semitic statements and actions of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, and Khalid Muhammed.” — Keith Ellison

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