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80 Wedding Wishes For Sister – Messages & Quotes

wedding wishes for sister messages quotes

Wedding Wishes For Sister: The most precious gift of all is a sister. If your sister is getting married, she deserves the best wedding wishes for sister, here are heartfelt sister wedding quotes. Having a sister feels like a gift. If your sister is getting married, so it’s also a huge deal for you and your siblings to share one of the world’s greatest ties. If you don’t know what to write on your wedding card or how to congratulate her, we’ve got a decent range of messages to send to your sister about your wedding wishes. Wish her a happier married life and tell her how happy you are for her new beginning. We hope that our series of sisters’ wedding wishes will make you wish your sweet sister a happy married life.

In human life, marriage is a rare occasion. Everybody goes through mixed emotions at this moment. The most emotional time for a sibling is seeing a sister being married. With some heartwarming terms, we should congratulate them and motivate them. If your sister is getting married, so you have to give her congratulations on the wedding. Our happy wedding messages for your sister, if you have forgotten your vocabulary, will help you communicate your emotions.

We have a wonderful compilation of wishes for your wedding and cards to send to your sister. To wish them a good conjugal life ahead, pick the right one, and give it.

Best Wedding Wishes for Sister

Wedding Wishes For Sister

With a great companion for marriage, God has rewarded you. For life, protect and enjoy him. Let the bond of love between you grow sweeter and stronger!

I hope that it will fill your union with laughter, affection, and support. The greatest present that I can get you to your wedding is to give you my prayer.

I’ve got no concerns today. And you have selected for yourself the perfect life companion that can protect you from all this world’s negativity.

The fruit of the love and care you’ve always offered us as a sister is having such a loving life partner. Get a lifetime of blessed marriage, sister.

Short And Long Wedding Wishes For Sister | The wedding messages

As a sister, you have satisfied our every wish. Now it’s time to take responsibility and commitment for your partner in life and his family. I wish you a happy marriage!

Every bit of love and care your husband needs from you. Accept his love & in exchange multiply it! No matter what situation you face, keep holding his hand close.

In your marriage, you will face plenty of ups and downs. You will be ready to face them all with the help of our blessings. But let him never go, for you were rewarded with a diamond.

I hope that all the dark clouds of sorrow will be lifted from your married life by the Almighty and replaced with the glory of his blessings. My best wishes, Sister, are still with you.

Sister Marriage Quotes

Accept heartfelt wishes as the wedding bells are ringing. Have a happy married life full of blessings and love. Congratulations on your new life, my sister!

Along with acknowledging the perfections of each other to share a blissful life, embrace each other’s imperfections gladly. My best wishes are right there for you.

Sister Marriage Quotes | Sweet Wedding Wishes for Sister - Occasions Messages

Keep surrounded in this continuous path of marriage with happiness and the blessings of your loved ones. My most genuine wishes will always be with you, my sister.

Let love overcome all the odds of life for you two. And I will pray to the Lord that peace and blessings will always surround you. Congratulations, beautiful sister of mine.

Throughout your married life, enjoy togetherness and cherish each moment of happiness for love to grow ever stronger. Oh, congratulations!

Let the light of love still shine through your life’s clouds as you both face trying times in your lives. With your soul mate, remain blessed and happy!

Wedding Wishes for Friend’s Sister

To me, you are no less than a sister of my own. Whenever you need me, I will always be there for you. Many thanks to you for your wedding!

The greatest wedding present a brother may give is to pray for your union so that the blessings of the Almighty can fill your life. In your married life, remain blessed and happy.

Wedding Wishes for Friend’s Sister

Always make your life mate happy and support him in his life as he faces a difficult time. With each year that goes by, I will always hope that love grows between you two.

To express your devotion, you don’t need to make tremendous sacrifices. Only a little bit of work to put a smile on his face is all you have to do. Get a life of blissful marriage.

A prayer that I will always say is that the Almighty will give you both a happy married life. Congratulations dearly on being married. Sisters’ Emotional Wedding Wishes

The warmth and light bestowed by your presence in our home can be replaced by nothing. I’m going to miss it really much. Keep happy, sister, in your marital life.

As your life partner, you have chosen the most humble woman. I don’t need to think about your safety, because he’ll be beside you, shielding you from all the world’s negativity.

The emptiness of this house without your presence will never be filled. Yet we feel pleased to know that the trip is going to fill you with love and happiness!

Wedding Wishes For Sister (With Images) | wedding Wishes for Sister ~ Congratulations Sister!

Your position will always be in our hearts and no one will ever be able to replace it. Launch your marriage adventure with a big smile on your face.

I have felt like a grateful brother to have you as a child. By being the best wife, making your life mate even prouder. Keep laughing forever.

Funny Wedding Messages for Sister

I hope you won’t be competing with him like you are fighting with me. And maybe he’ll regret marrying you. My best wishes are with you always.

I wish he just didn’t know how pathetically talkative you are yet. I feel so bad for the man, really. Have a blessed married life anyway,

Please improve your cooking ability! I’m very worried about his post-marriage fitness. Get a married life packed with hot humor!

Never scream at your husband. It seems like this man is so modest that he may have a heart attack. Keep your temper & have a marriage of bliss!

Funny Wedding Messages for Sister

It has always been your downfall to buy unnecessarily. Control it, please! Otherwise, in a year, you’ll make him bankrupt!

As a little girl, I always see you. Yet you’re a wonderful grown-up lady who chose someone to spend a lifetime with. I can’t believe this is happening, really. Could this moment be the start of something unbelievable? Oh, congratulations!

Who would have thought I was going to sob at my sister’s wedding? Uh, not me. In your white dress and shiny smile, you look incredible. Don’t ever take that off yourself. I wish you all the best. Oh, congratulations!

I never saw you so happy. The smile on your face tells you something. I hope that for the rest of your life, you will remember this day. Will it be full of knowledge and affection. Congratulations on marrying you!

I can’t believe that at last, you met someone who will stand you! Kidding just, sis. I love you so much, and I am so terrified to let you go, but I do know that you are protected and cherished. Congratulations on marrying you!

Best Wedding Wishes & Messages | Funny Marriage Quotes to Write in a Wedding Card

I really can’t stop seeing you. The most stunning pair I’ve ever met. I know you’ve met someone who makes you happy, and that’s everything I ever did for you. God bless you all. Oh, congratulations!

I can’t believe he’s getting married to my little niece. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop defending you, you know right? You’re really going to be my sweet angel. To wish you a lifetime of wonderful experiences. You can’t wait to be an uncle.

Emotional Marriage Wishes for Sisters

Thank you very so much for seeing you so happy in the arms of a man who deserves your affection. I know that he’s going to make you much better, and that’s all I ask for. Hey, love you, sis. Congratulations on marrying you!

Till the end of time, someone actually decided to stay with you! I am just teasing, sis. You are a fantasy come true, and this guy is so grateful to be able to have you. We wish you a lot of love, a lot of empathy, and a house full of lovely girls. Oh, congratulations!

Finally, after those “where are my grandchildren” talks, mom will cool down and leave me alone. It’s your time now, sis! Wishing you plenty of happiness and courage in your new married life to deal with anything. I believe it can be achieved by you.

Blessed to be a brother to the world’s most stunning bride. I can’t wait to see you enter a new life with a man who deserves you for good. Congratulations on your wedding. May your wedding be full of happiness and love!

My dear sister, you are so blessed to have witnessed this love flooding your heart! Now and forever, best wishes!

Emotional Marriage Wishes for Sisters

The family is quite a harbor called life on the ocean coast. The only thing I want you and your future husband to wish for is to keep this harbor genuinely comfortable and friendly so that it can shield you from any storm!

They say that as the family begins, romance stops. No dates, no beautiful surprises, or walks under the moon at night time… Just repetition, exhaustion, and family obligations. That is ridiculous! It won’t happen to your amazing couple, I’m positive. I hope you will always find certain exceptional ways of sharing your love and happiness in your family life. May it never be dull for your marriage!

Your wedding was incredible. Wishing you all the luck for a lifetime. I know you’re going to be the most beautiful wife. Love my sister to you!

When listening to my issues, you were like a best friend to me Now it’s time to be the same for your husband! Sister, best wishes!

If your life has been a composition of songs, then I wish that you and your husband will be the ideal duet for all to appreciate. If your life was a novel, then I wish it was a tale about love with a happy ending or no ending at all. And if your life was a word, then the word “Happiness” would be my wish. Dear Sister, I wish you a beautiful family life!

Beautiful Marriage Wishes For Sister

In a stable and caring household, we grew up and now you are old enough to start a family of your own. Dear sister, I hope that you will be as loving and intelligent as our mother is and that your future husband will be as dignified and as solid as our father is. It will be a great family then.

There may be hard times, but remember, if love is real, it will always prevail! Love you back and to the stars!

Cupid fired arrows at your heart once, and you have wounds from that moment that won’t heal for the remainder of your life. It’s love, sister, and with it, you can do nothing. I hope that this pain will always be good and sweet! Will it be taken care of by your dear future husband!

They say “My home is my castle,” but without a caring family, I would say that home is nothing. Dear Sister, I’m so grateful you have someone you can launch a new family with right now. I wish that your family will be a true castle shielding you from any danger.

I am so proud that you two have found in each other love, happiness, and home! Sister, love you!

Beautiful Marriage Wishes For Sister

It’s like practicing to be a wife: the more you practice, the better you get. Dear sister, do not challenge whether or not you are a decent wife. Do it just!

There are various kinds of homes, and for you and your husband, you can build all of them. But there is one kind of home, the house of marriage, which is not that simple to build. It requires a lot of time and money, including patience, encouragement, and many other things. And remember: if there is no cornerstone called respect, it doesn’t matter what the decorations are.

Happiness is not much of a myth. That’s true. And the evidence of that is you and your groom. I wish love will never abandon your home because you’ve got to do whatever it takes to hold it for several long years!

We liked fairy tales about enchanted realms, princesses, and knights when we were young… Yeah, life isn’t a magical kingdom, and sometimes it can be really cruel, but we can also believe that miracles happen. And one of these marvelous wonders is passion. You’re his princess and he’s your knight—enough that’s to make your marriage happy.

Marriage is like a lovely herb that wants to be watered and nurtured carefully. Only then will it flourish and offer its owners true pleasure. I want you and your future husband to grow the most exquisite flower you’ve ever seen.

Exceptional Wedding Wishes For Sister – Wedding Congratulation Messages

I was glad to see you growing up, and you’re here, my little bride! I’m going to miss you, Sister!

We were just kids playing with toys and waiting to grow up not so long ago. Well, you are getting married now. Time passes by so easily that we don’t even realize it, so we should do whatever we can to fill our lives with love and sense. And it’s easier to do that with someone that you love and count on. I wish you and your loving husband a wonderful life together and in the end, do not regret anything.

My one and only girlfriend, I’m very glad to see you wearing this long, gorgeous dress… You’re incredibly wonderful. Your husband is a man of luck. Oh, congratulations!

Since they love each other, individuals start families. There are also a lot of things that people do because they love each other. And all of this stuff is meant to make them happy. I assume in your family life that you can do a lot of pleasant things to bring love and satisfaction to each other.

If you’re going to become a mom, maybe you’ll be the happiest woman. If you’re going to have a husband, maybe he’ll be compassionate and nurturing. While love unites you, then may this love be forever. If you’re going to have kids, so they could be bright and safe. Wish you all the best, sister, for your marriage!

Exceptional Wedding Wishes For Sister - Wedding Congratulation Messages

Are you not only a sister or a daughter now but a mom as well? It sounds so terribly responsible. I hope you’ll be able to live with all the unforeseen things, and your life will be fine. Oh, congratulations!

Today, you look really pretty. You and our girls’ evenings are missing me too. As soon as you can, visit me. Respect yourself too much!

Life is packed with beginnings, and now you are making one! Can your choice bring to your heart only love and joy! Sis, loving you!

The most stunning bride I’ve ever seen is you! May the grin on your face never fade! Sis, loving you! Have a wonderful celebration!

Your house has always been blessed; I am confident of it. Enjoy your beautiful wedding day.

Beautiful Wedding Quotes For Sister – Wedding Messages For Sister

Today, my partner in crime is being hitched. You’ll miss me dearly. For your wedding day, congratulations.

Having a sister like you is one of God’s best blessings. I am super blessed to see you marry your husband, too. Oh, congratulations!

I believe that you’ve made the right decision, which means that your entire life will be happy. Your wedding congratulations, loving sis.

My special sister, in your marriage, you’ll have no regrets. Congratulations here.

Whenever you need someone to talk to and your husband is far gone, buzz me and I’m going to be by your side right there. Good day of engagement, my lollipop.

Beautiful Wedding Quotes For Sister - Wedding Messages For Sister

Enable me to say that you have given our family so much love and happiness. It’s tough to let you go, sis, even if it’s a nice idea to get married.

I have seen you blossom from afar into an amazing young lady, and I am proud of your decision to marry the love of your life. Happy marriage life, sister and little friend of mine.

There are inadequate words to express my heart to you clearly. Just remember that I’m really going to love you, gorgeous. Marital Blissful Life.

The sweetest couples my eyes have ever seen are both you and your man. I remember you’re going to have adorable kids. For your wedding day, congratulations.

Your passion for each other is something that everyone around you will sense. In your marital journey, may this love linger?

Beautiful Wedding Messages For Sister

Oh sweet sis, be assured that you’ll make a fine mother and wife. Pleasant life of marriage.

Your days of success have just started. Happy day of marriage, sister.

You were hoping and bagging the best for you while some were settling for less. I’m glad you’ve done the right thing for you. On your wedding day have fun, sis.

By getting married to my brother, you are my friend and have been my sister-in-law. For us what a wonderful life it is! I wish you a joyful marriage.

You spread happiness and harmony, and I agree that the luckiest man on earth to have married you is your husband. Have fun at your wedding, Big Sis.

Beautiful Wedding Messages For Sister

Since you shaped success for me, I developed into an independent and bold woman. Sis, I love you. Can your marriage union with your husband giving you much joy.

If I’m going to list the most important personalities in my life, you’re going to take first place, super lady. I have the privilege of having you as my sister. Pleasant life of marriage.

Yours is a voyage of joy to grace. I’m glad you’re going to get married, Sissy.

Congratulations on her wedding day to the most important sister of my life. Get some fun!

I’m really really curious for you, pretty one. Have a great deal of domestic bliss; blessed is your home.

Beautiful Wedding Text For Sister

When you are happy, I am still happy. Promise me, sis, that in your marriage, you will always find peace.

You have also grown into a young lady with love and concern. I’m very confident you’re going to make a fine wife and build a strong home. Congratulations here.

Congratulations on marrying yourself. It is with immense pleasure that I have turned over to your husband your troubles and mischief. It is not an understatement to say that I waited for this day to come.

One of the luckiest men alive is my brother-in-law, and he has a counselor like me, who’s going to leak all the secrets to him. Oh, congratulations!

But, actually, you’re getting married. I’m not going to forget you, even though right now I’m crying.

Beautiful Wedding Text For Sister

Marrying doesn’t mean you have arrived. Get ready to resume my troubles in the home of your husband.

I have no idea why you wanted to marry a young, loving man. Through respecting you, what wrong did the elderly fellow you refused to do?

Your babies will be hotheads, left to you. Thank Goodness that a gentleman is married to you.

Make sure to leave behind all your awful clothes when you leave our house for your new home. I’ll love wearing them. Hey, thank you.

Finally, the day I have always wished for has arrived. Adieu, roommate. I wish wonderful luck to your husband for staying with you.

Wedding Images For Sister

You should boil water well, I remember. I hope your husband won’t figure out that I’ve been showing you how to boil water.

When you have to deal with your dilemma and your man’s dirty socks at the same time, welcome to the chapter in your life. Congratulations!

You, dear sis, have my blessings. Enjoy the wedding.

Compliments, sis. I look forward to your first wedding anniversary party with you.

Wedding Images For Sister

There were moments when I felt that both of us would be together forever. Now I can see that it’s unlikely, so we’re all going to get married. Sister, happily married life.

Yeah, congratulations, darling. In true love and great pleasure, may your marriage be secret? Live in appreciation

You’ve had a decent guy married. There’ll be no reason for you to regret your marriage.


Wedding wishes for sister to greet on her wedding day. Also, you will find sister marriage wishes and quotes to wish her a happy married life.

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