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How To Teach Yourself Self Motivation

Self motivation is something that does not come easy, it is something that has to be worked on continuously so that it can be fully achieved. Now you can have someone teach you self motivation, or you can step up to the plate and try to achieve it by teaching it to yourself.

Teach Yourself Self Motivation

The first and possibly most simple thing to do would be to hang around people that are self motivated and like to motivate other people. Within time this will rub off on you in a positive way. This is much better instead of hanging out with people who have a negative attitude towards life.

Try to make a list of everything that motivates you even if you think it is silly because remember this is your own personal list that applies to you. After you have made your list make sure that you put it somewhere that you could easily see it even if you post sticky pads all-around your house.

Next learn different ways to become even better. Your list may help you however there could be other ways that could help you achieve your goals and be more motivated even faster. One thing that definitely works is to try to teach other people, once you try to help other people become stronger, you yourself will become stronger.

Faith always works so ask God to help you, just because he does not deliver right away it does not mean it is not coming. Just remember that you do not have to waste money on books, tape recordings, and other things similar to that which will not necessarily work for you. It is within you and sometimes surprisingly the most simple of all things seem to be the ones that help you the most. So try it out and see what happens.

Self Motivation Ideas

Sure other people can try to motivate you as much as they like however if you do not motivate yourself then you will never get out of any bad situation that you are in or achieve any goal that you are trying to reach.

If you really think about it you need some kind of motivational drive for just about anything. Your boss or colleague might motivate you to finish a specific task that you have been stalled on, if you play sports you may be tired of running however the possibility of winning motivates you to keep ongoing. You will be absolutely surprised by how easy it can be to have self motivation if you just simply follow these tasks.

First things first do not worry or beat yourself up if you make any mistakes, mistakes are inevitable and we can only learn from them so that we may improve and do things differently in life. The next thing is to feel happy about your self and about life. Happiness and positive energy is what motivates you. It keeps you optimistic and also enthusiastic happy people are generally more motivated to accomplish or complete something as oppose to people who have negative thoughts on their minds.

The next thing to do is put yourself in good surroundings. If you are surrounded by people who are risk-takers, goal achievers and have positive energy, then you are going to feed off their positive energy and feel like you should do something positive and be in a positive mood as well. Being around negative people tends to bring down your mood and that is not what you want.

Finally, you must not pay attention to what people say if you do then you are always going to concentrate on that and let it bother you. The constant need to please will eventually bring you down. These are just a few of many self motivation ideas

that can help you with your motivation.

Self Motivation Exercises

If you are looking for an easy self motivation exercise that will help you get off your feet and achieve some goals in life then I got an exercise for you. These are just some ideas that can help you stay motivated.

The first thing that you need to think about is what is truly important to you. Something that I have noticed is that if you link a reward to achievement, then you will be better motivated to stop unnecessary things and work on your goals. If pleasure is something that you really value then this idea will work for you if not then it might not.

Think about something that will motivate you such as buying a new DVD, going to a basketball game, or something like that and only allow yourself to actually do it if you achieve your goals. If you are actually more motivated by the fear of something happening then there is something else for you to think about. On the other hand, you may be more motivated by the fear of loss.

If this is your situation then all you have to do is attach the achievement to loss. If you find yourself not motivated to have your goals accomplished then take something away or stop doing something that you enjoy. One thing that may actually be the best self motivation exercise for you, is to work at achieving goals and abundance in a field that you do enjoy doing.

You must always remember that nothing in life comes easily. It takes time and dedication to make sure that the task and goal actually become completed. If you’re just laying back and doing nothing then there is no way that you could expect your goals to be accomplished. However, if you stand up and take control they will be.

Self Motivation Techniques

Self motivation, who has not needed some good techniques to motivate themselves at one point or another in their life. It could have been getting up out of your bed early in the morning to go to school or work or go for that daily run even though it’s a little cold outside. If you want to be able to effectively use your mind power to motivate yourself you have to have patience.

There are many different motivation techniques and of course not all work for everyone, however, knowing them is just the first step so that you may then pick the ones that you would like to try and see if they work for you.

The first thing is you must be truly interested in the task you want to achieve. If you don’t care about something it will feel like it’s impossible to feel motivated about it. A good thing to do would be to connect it to your ultimate goal in the end. If you don’t want to do an assignment just realize that the sooner you get it over with, is the sooner you can put it in your list of things completed and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Another good technique would be to strengthen your desire. If it’s about losing weight and you don’t want to work out think about that dream body you can achieve if you just put in 20 minutes per day of exercise. Sometimes the biggest problem can be a lack of energy and you need to do something that will give you an energy boost. Drink some coffee, the caffeine will give you the energy boost you need. Alternatively, you can go outside sometimes just feeling the sunshine and taking in the fresh air can be energizing.

However, the easiest self motivation technique of all would be to have better sleep. If you can manage to get at least 5 hours of sleep a day, the quality of it will be more important than the quantity to help rejuvenate your body.

Self Motivation Skills

The first thing you need to do to gain some self motivation skills is to take action. No more whining or complaining, take life into your own hands. If you are actually motivated to do something chances are it will get done. We are all guilty for at least once in our lives claiming that we were going to do something tomorrow, but that’s not taking action that’s putting things off.

They always seem to be things that we don’t really want to do such as dieting. However, you can learn self-motivation skills to help you achieve your goals faster. The first step involves preparing a list of things that you need to do the next day before you go to bed emphasizing the things that absolutely must be done.

The next step is when you get up in the morning, the first thing you do is take a look at your list and make a mental note of the things that must be taken care of. The next thing that you must do is think back into the past and try to remember the things that used to motivate you. Chances are if they motivated you before they might motivate you now. It’s a good idea to use these motivators to help you complete your task.

The next thing is to treat yourself after each completed task. Treating yourself can be something as simple as giving yourself a little break or indulging in one of your favorite snacks. You must also keep yourself focused on the task at hand and not let yourself get distracted. Simple things like frequently being on the phone or watching television will slowly but surely steer you away from the task at hand. Finally when you are done, always celebrate the completion of your tasks.

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