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80 Deep Soul Quotes to Love and Live By

Deep Soul Quotes to Love and Live By

The soul is the very thing that makes us human. Our soul is our personality, our identity, and the surety of our alive selves. The soul is what makes us who we are. Following are the sayings and quotes about souls from different perspectives. I hope you enjoy them.

Top Heart and Soul Quotes

Heart and soul are interconnected with each other. Real love originates from your soul and for a soul. Following is a collection of quotes about heart and soul.

True love is when you find a person who loves you even after seeing the darkest corner of your soul and tries to fix it by offering you their very own soul.

It is hard to understand the functionality of the soul. Soul is something you cannot explain, you can only feel it, just like love.

When you love someone, their picture develops in your soul and no matter what you do you cannot get rid of it. And that is when you know that you are doomed and now it is too late to do anything about it.

I wish we could see souls instead of faces. Faces can deceive you but souls cannot.

The soul of light is the spirit of love. ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Reading develops the mind. Thought develops the soul. ― Alan Maiccon

Self-discovery is the divinity of the soul. ― Lailah Gifty Akita

Quotes Anyone With A Deep Soul And Big Heart
Quotes Anyone With A Deep Soul And Big Heart

The soul that is within me no man can degrade. ― Frederick Douglass

I love you more than anything in this world. And you know why I am so sure about it, it is because my soul is screaming for you and there is a fire in me and you are the only thing it wants.

Falling in love means destiny brought two souls together.

When you put your soul into something, success is guaranteed. It should not be the way you want it but it will happen.

We know the brain makes us think and the heart makes us wish. But the brain just stores information, processes it, and gives us output, and the heart just pumps the blood, so what makes it think and want? That is soul.

The soul is a thing that science cannot explain and that is the only reason why science ceases to create human beings in the lab.

Children have the most beautiful and innocent souls ever. Their souls are innocent and full of love. All they want in return is your attention in love. And with time you lose that innocence piece by piece. That is why spending time with children can rebuild your soul.

We can say that the soul is a mystery and the only way to solve that mystery is to find yourself a soul that can complete you.

When you do good, you feel satisfied. And that satisfaction is your soul giving birth to your happiness. Do not know why or how but this is my understanding and I am pretty satisfied with that.

Sometimes dreams are your deepest desires. Stuck within your soul and dreams are the only way for your soul to connect with your body.

Your soul is what gives you the energy to listen to your heart and do what you want, your mind however tries to tell your soul to think about things first but you know what soul is a free spirit it never listens to anyone and that is sometimes what a person needs.

Deep Human Soul Quotes with Images

The human soul is a mysterious thing. It is an unknown matter. No one knows where it came from, no one has ever seen it. But somehow we know it exists and somehow we believe in it. This section is not about how fragile and human it is, this is about how beautiful and how fascinating the soul is.

The real treasure is having a good soul.

The heart is a connection between two souls. No distance, no misunderstanding, nothing can break it.

Beauty awakens the soul to act. ― Dante Alighieri

Books are the mirrors of the soul. ― Virginia Woolf

Deep soul quotes to awaken your spirit
Deep soul quotes to awaken your spirit

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Real love does not know the difference between white or black, Asian or American, European or African, male or female. It only knows souls, it only connects with souls and it always happens with a soul. If your soul is beautiful, you are beautiful.

A beautiful face can attract your heart but a beautiful soul can connect with yours. What is more beautiful than to connect with someone on a spiritual level?

I do not know how but I know that our souls are made to be together. It is like we are synced, it is like we have known each other for a long and it makes me so happy. Isn’t it the ultimate purpose of life? To be happy?

Kind words are the way to win someone’s soul. Because when you deliver kindness it is received by the soul, not by the body. And when you have someone’s soul by your side you have their trust, loyalty, and their whole self.

You know it is true love when you find a missing piece of your soul from someone else’s soul. And the funny thing is that you did not even know if it was missing but somehow it completes you.

There is no such thing as goodbye for the people who love with their souls. Only the people who love with their eyes are afraid of distances.

My soul is a mystery. It is dark yet it shines, it is sad yet you make it happy, it is rusty yet it shines with you around, it does not want to exist yet with you by its side it does not want to die. I think you are the only reason why my soul still exists in me.

When a soul is sad nothing can make you feel good.

When the world seems uninteresting and the imaginary world inside your head is full of fire and self-hatred. And that is when a soul goes dark. That is why the happiness of the soul is the most important factor in living a happy and satisfying life.

Knowing that someone is willing to give you even a peak of their soul to you is one of the most wonderful feelings of all time. It is because the soul is the most private and most important part of a human.

You are made up of soul and your body is a fabric to your soul. It covers it so no one can see it because it is yours to keep and yours to share with whomever you want. But only share it with the one who deserves it.

Deep Soul Quotes for wisdom
Deep Soul Quotes for wisdom

Songs are for ears but melody with lyrics that touch your heart is for your soul.

With every heartbreak, a piece of your soul breaks. But your soul knows the remedy of it. You just have to listen to it carefully. Because it does not repeat itself very much.

It amazes me how science cannot prove the presence of the soul yet there is an entity that keeps us alive and makes us think. We understand that this is pretty much what the brain and heart do but who controls them?

Best Quotes About Souls Connecting

People say that you, yourself a soul. It is not only a part of you. The best thing is when two souls are connecting. Body is a part of you and when you die, you as a whole leave, leaving your body here with the people you love and people who love you. Following are some thought-provoking quotes about souls connecting and their relationship with body, mind, and world.

Color is a power that directly influences the soul. ― Wassily Kandinsky

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ― Gerard De Nerval

Your soul is a part of you. And just like your body, it needs cleaning from time to time. Just like a diamond, it needs to be polished after some time. And if you will not do that, it will resist to shine. And a rusty soul can never get you anywhere.

To listen to your soul, you should be calm. With a loud mind and so many things to think about, it is difficult to approach your soul. Maybe that is the reason why people with less intelligence have happier and simpler lives.

When your soul is tired, you can never have a healthy mind or a healthy lifestyle. To be healthy, you need to feed your soul a healthy diet. And for the soul, a healthy diet is happiness and loyal people.

When you are aware that your soul is slipping away from you that means you still have it. You can still catch it; it is still in range.

Best Deep Soul Quotes to awaken the inner spirit
Best Deep Soul Quotes to awaken the inner spirit

A little act of kindness can fill the holes in your soul and make it brand new. So surround yourself with kind and genuine people, this way your soul will absorb their light and try to be just like that.

You are a soul, carrying your body around.

Breaking someone’s soul is the biggest murder of all.

When your soul is hungry, no food on this earth can fulfill that hunger.

You cannot fulfill all of your desires and still be one hundred percent pure. It is because even the purest of souls have the deadliest of desires.

If you ever wonder why we feel comfortable or peaceful in silence when there is no one to disturb you? It is because when there is no one to connect to, we connect with our soul and that is when you understand yourself better.

Your body is the servant of your soul. Whatever you do is what your soul desires.

When you are alone, you talk to yourself. No, you do not talk to yourself, you talk to your soul. Because getting to know yourself is the first step towards your goal. And it is okay if people laugh at you or call you crazy because it is what they do.

We hide our souls inside our bodies because our souls are innocent and they cannot deceive others no matter what. Souls are transparent, the most true selves.

Your soul knows what it wants. But sometimes it does not care about the consequences. Maybe that is why we were given a brain as well, you know to balance the want and thought. We should be thankful for our brains.

Souls feed on feelings. These feelings help souls connect.

I think a human body is a representation of its soul. Your inside is your soul and you cannot help but give a little hint of it on the outside.

Even if they do not see it, the soul is the most important and valuable thing that a human has ever possessed.

The true beauty of a person does not reflect from their face but from their soul. And the thing is you cannot see it, you can only feel it and it gives you warmth.

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